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Unclaimed Money Arkansas

The state of Arkansas currently holds over $280 million in unclaimed money and property that its rightful owners have yet to claim back. If you ever lived in Arkansas, or if you are currently a resident in the state, you can be one of the people who have unclaimed property coming your way.

Like in any other state of the union, you are eligible to claim back any Arkansas unclaimed property at any time. You can search for what is rightfully yours in a number of ways, and get back money that legally belongs to you or your family.

Unclaimed Money Arkansas

What is Unclaimed Money?

The public in the United States has become more aware of what is unclaimed money, and what it could mean to them. You could be one of the people who is entitled to lost funds in Arkansas, and file a request to get back your money. If you are unaware of the term unclaimed money, it is important that you get to know it and search for property that may belong to you.

In simple terms, unclaimed money is money that got left behind by the people who earned it. Unclaimed monies can be tied up in pension funds, unclaimed paychecks, state-held property, unclaimed tax refunds, estates, and more. When any resident of the United States moves from one place to another, decides to switch banks, moves out of the state, changes their job, or performs any other change that may involve money, there is a great chance they are leaving money behinds.

This lost money accumulated to a sum of nearly $60 billion, and each person who claims back the money that belongs to them gets back an average of $900.

Lost Money Search in Arkansas

Approximately 1 in every 4 people who currently live, or used to live, in Arkansas are entitled to unclaimed property, according to Auditor of State. To help people locate unclaimed money in Arkansas, the State Treasurer’s Office offers an online lost funds search engine.

You can locate unclaimed money in Arkansas by using a free unclaimed property search website. There are two kinds of unclaimed money websites, and unfortunately, the first kind will not always provide you with the information you need. Lost funds websites that do not charge any fees whatsoever for their users lack the following service and data:

  1. Access to all Arkansas public records
  2. A customer support service
  3. A protection system

The second kind of free unclaimed money search websites can offer you all the information listed above but at a cost. There are many websites that claim they are free of charge but ask for fees for advanced searches, such as unclaimed property search.

Arkansas Unclaimed Money

Using a Professional Unclaimed Money Search Website

If you ever lived in Arkansas, or currently reside in the state, the best way to run a free unclaimed funds search is by using GoLookUp. To find the money or property that belongs to you, you will need to enter your first name and last name. If you are searching for money for a family member, you can also run a search on GoLookUp thanks to the website's unlimited search policy.

Once you enter your name/your relative's name, GoLookUp will scan all the Arkansas public records under that name and provide you with a detailed report that includes, among other data, the unclaimed property that belongs to you. That way, you can find out what financial authority holds your money and claim it back.

GoLookUp also provides users with full protection of their personal data, as well as a 24/7 customer support service, to make sure they receive the best-unclaimed money search service.  

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Enter your name to start searching! 100% confidential! Updated on July 3, 2022
100 Million Records Available!