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Unclaimed Money in the State of Florida

Unclaimed money such as lost paychecks, bonds or stocks, and unremembered saving account, unpaid insurance plan, deposit certificates, royalties, and dividends arrive finally to the Florida state treasury by the organizations who report the dormant accounts. If a person claims the unclaimed money with proper documents, he or she can get the money that has been lost and unclaimed. Otherwise, unclaimed property or money will be left in the state treasury of Florida.

How to Claim Unclaimed Money in the State of Florida?

If you want to claim unclaimed property or money in the state of Florida, you have to follow the steps stated below.

  • Select the appropriate website: You will have to select the applicable office website of the state controller or state treasury of Florida. You can place your claim for lost and unclaimed money here by a claim form.
Florida Unclaimed Money
  • Submit your documents orderly: When you are claiming for unclaimed cash, you will have to submit your document for the verification of your identity. These documents are an ID issued by the state of Florida such as a license for driving, evidence of the social security number such as Form W-2 or IRS or card for your social security, evidence of your address which is related with the money of property claimed by you such as a bill of utility and evidence of your present address. All of these documents will help for the verification of your full name as well as present address. This verification will confirm that you are the real owner of the lost and unclaimed property or money.
  • File your claim: You will have to file your claim to get unclaimed money. You must read the instructions for claim carefully that you will get on the official website of Florida state treasure. In Florida, it can take 90 days for processing your claim and it can take more time for processing your claim if there is any requirement for more documentation.

Where You Can Search Unclaimed Money or Property?

If you want to take an attempt for unclaimed money search, you will have to check a few different types of databases so that you can be ensured that you have completed all the chanced for unclaimed cash. You will have to check the databases of Florida and if there is any state where you have lived in the past or if there is the existence of any employer who was stayed as well. Apart from this, if you want to search at federal databases where you will get the chance for checking unclaimed property or money such as the treasury, Internal Revenue service and so on.

Florida Unclaimed Money
Tips to Search for Unclaimed Money

You will not get any specific source to check when you are thinking like any money owed to me. Sometimes, you cannot understand from where you will have to start for checking unclaimed money which is left in Government unclaimed funds, these tips will help you find your unclaimed money. The tips are as follows.

  • You will have to start your checking procedure for unclaimed property or money within the state where you are living presently and also if there is any place where you lived in the past.
  • You should search the unclaimed funds when the bank gets failure and you should also check unclaimed deposits when any credit union gets closed.
  • You should check the undelivered or unclaimed money as a refund of tax or a refund of the insured mortgage of the Federal Housing Administration.
  • You will have to search for unclaimed pension money, fund of life insurance or back wages.

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Enter your name to start searching! 100% confidential! Updated on December 1, 2021
100 Million Records Available!