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Unclaimed Money in the State of Idaho

Though many experts come out with various theories surrounding money, a few experts opine that money is not an asset but it is an emotion. Regardless of whether this statement is true or not, the fact remains that everyone needs money. But if there are situations in which the owners of money themselves do not know that the money belongs to them, it may sound odd. The reality is that such situations prevail in almost all the states of the USA. Such money that is known as unclaimed money lies with the state of Idaho as well.

Idaho Unclaimed Money

According to estimates, the State of Idaho currently has more than $110 million as unclaimed money. This unclaimed cash is swelling year after year because every year, more and more money is turned over to the state. The money is in various forms that include stocks, mutual funds, bonds, non-cashed payroll checks, bank accounts, traveler's checks, utility deposits, contents that are kept in safety deposit boxes, and so on. The state acquires these properties, assets, or money from various holders that include business associations, corporations, utility companies, insurance companies, and medical offices that have not been contacted by the customers concerned.

Idaho Unclaimed Money

But the clause is that these customers should not have contacted these entities for a minimum period of five years. Figures released some time back by the Idaho State Treasurer's Office reveal that more than 800,000 people of the state should be paid unclaimed money to the extent of 150 Million Dollars. This means that every two people of the state has to get unclaimed money.

How to Claim Unclaimed Money in the State of Idaho

Follow these steps.

  • The Idaho State Tax Commission Acts as the custodian that not only collects such unclaimed money from the holders but safeguards it as well. The Commission always strives to ensure that the rightful owners or the heirs of the owners should get the financial assets that have been abandoned or about which the owners or the heirs are unaware of. Therefore, the Commission keeps a list of such assets along with the names and the last reported addresses of the owners on their website.
  • If you apprehend that you, your parents, or grandparents, or any of your relatives, family members, or friends have unclaimed money or if the question, "Is the State of Idaho holding any money owed to me?" you should begin your unclaimed money search by visiting Idaho State Treasurer's website and see if your name, their names, or the name of the person for whom you are making the search is on it. If the name is there in the list of unclaimed money-holders, you can immediately take the subsequent steps for claiming the money.
Idaho Unclaimed Money
  • Once you visit the website, you can use the details such as your first, middle, and last names, or even the maiden name or those of the people for whom you are making the search or try different combinations of the names for finding out if there is such unclaimed money that belongs to you or to those for whom you are making all these efforts.
  • Since the Idaho State Treasurer's Website displays the list in alphabetical order, it will be easy for you to make your search. Even if you are not able to find the name you are looking for, you need not abandon your search. You can get in touch with the Unclaimed Property Division for checking if such unclaimed funds that belong to you are being held by the state. You can even write to them for doing a comprehensive search for the Idaho unclaimed money that may belong to you. The address to which you should send your communication to get unclaimed money is

IDAHO Unclaimed Property Division

P.O. Box 36

Boise, ID 83722-2240

You can even use also for finding the lost and unclaimed money. But you should remember that such government unclaimed funds that are being held for a period of fewer than two years will not be made available for the public for their search or inspection.

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Enter your name to start searching! 100% confidential! Updated on August 9, 2022
100 Million Records Available!