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Unclaimed Money in the State of Kansas

There is a lot more money being held in the State Treasury than most people realize. This amount is in the hundreds of millions, and the State Treasury acts as its custodian. The money belongs to people who have not claimed it yet, and should the State Treasury not be able to locate such a person, then the money remains unclaimed.

Unclaimed money is that money that a person either forgets or does not take charge of for any other reason. This money can include:

  • Deposits made at the court
  • Insurance benefits
  • Utility deposits
  • Salaries
  • Dormant savings and checking accounts
  • Stock and cash dividends
  • Royalties from oil or gas
  • Contents of a Safe Deposit Box

When a person moves to a new address or another State, they can forget to leave their forwarding address with their bank, employer or broker. This, unless retrieved by filing a claim, usually becomes lost and unclaimed money. It is the job of the Kansas State Treasurer to ensure that this money finds its rightful owner or heir, and until that happens, the State Treasury Department acts as the custodian of this unclaimed cash.

Kansas Unclaimed Money
How to Claim Unclaimed Money in the State of Kansas: Follow These Steps

The Unclaimed Property Division of the Kansas State Treasurer is responsible for all issues related to unclaimed money in the State. In order for a person to access their unclaimed funds from the government, they have to follow essential steps.

Initially, when the State Treasurer is made aware of any unclaimed funds that have been brought under the government's purview, they will try to reach out to the rightful owner of the money, if the Treasurer can locate who it is. This is done by sending a written notice to the claimant. If there is no reply, then the claimant must follow a set of procedures that work to properly determine whether the claimant is indeed the inheritor of the money.

There are two documents that need to be submitted to the State Treasury Department to begin the process of getting unclaimed money.

  • Proof of ownership. These include documents that provide evidence linking the claimant to the money they are trying to claim.
  • A Social Security Number, or a Federal ID
Unclaimed Money Kansas

If the claimant is unsure that they have any money with the State Treasury, then can find out for themselves by conducting an unclaimed money search using one of the methods listed below:

  • Courthouses usually keep such information available.
  • Running a search for unclaimed money on a relevant database.

If the claimant can ascertain that they do indeed have unclaimed money with the State Treasury, then they will need to file a claim addressed to the State Treasury to be able to claim it.

Should the claimant not have a Social Security Number, an important identification needed as identification during the claiming process, then they need to report the address pertaining to the money that is unclaimed.

Kansas Unclaimed Money

The State of Kansas currently has millions in unclaimed money that has not been collected by the relevant parties. Although the State does not ask for notarized documents and a Social Security Number is usually enough to receive the money, there are certain cases where that does not apply.

If the money that is ro be claimed amounts to more than $2000 in stocks, or is in a safe deposit box, then a notarized claim is required. All claimed should be filed before November 1st of the year. In order to receive any money owed to the person by the government, the Kansas State Treasury must be contacted.

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Enter your name to start searching! 100% confidential! Updated on January 17, 2022
100 Million Records Available!