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Unclaimed Money in the State of Maine

Unclaimed money in the State of Maine consists of financial assets that are considered abandoned or lost because the owner cannot be found after a stated period of inactivity. Examples of lost or unclaimed money include life insurance policies, bank accounts, refunds, dividends, stocks, safety deposit box contents, unpaid wages, etc. Vehicles, animals, and real estate are not regarded as unclaimed property.

Currently, there is $247,795,713 in government unclaimed funds in Maine’s state treasury.

What is the purpose of unclaimed property law in the state of Maine?

The office of the State Treasurer in the Maine Unclaimed Property Department is responsible for protecting unclaimed property. These laws were constituted to:

- Protect property rights of the titleholder and to unify him/her with this property.

- Give relief to holders from the liability and expense of holding on to an unclaimed property.

- Provide a central repository for unclaimed money search for citizens

How to Claim Unclaimed Money in the State of Maine?

Searching and filing a claim for your unclaimed cash is free in the State of Maine. Start your search by visiting the Office of the State Treasurer, State of Maine Unclaimed Property website. Under ‘Claiming Unclaimed Property’, enter as many details as you can and then click ‘Search’.

If the results indicate that the State of Maine has unclaimed money owed to you, proceed with steps to claim your property.

Get unclaimed money from the State of Maine Unclaimed Property department by clicking on ‘Claiming a Property’ from the menu selection listed on top.

Maine Unclaimed Money

Follow These Steps

Search for Property

  • Under ‘Search for Property’- Conduct a property search directly from the home page or by selecting ‘Search Unclaimed Properties’ from the drop-down menu under ‘Claiming a Property’.
  • Enter your last name, first name in the fields titled ‘Name/Business Name’ and then select Search. The more fields you complete, the narrower the search results will be.
  • If the results list property under your name, select it and hit ‘Claim’. Then click ‘View Claimed Properties’ to start the claims procedure.

Submit a Claim

  • Go over the property listings you’ve selected that you want to claim. Then click on ‘Relationship to Owner’. For example, I own this property, choose ‘Owner’. If you are the heir to this unclaimed cash, then select ‘Representative’ or ‘Heir’. This step will give you all the details you need to submit to claim your unclaimed property. Once the review process is complete, click on ‘File Claim’. This will take you to the Claimant page.
  • Enter your Details

Enter details such as your current address and any personal information requested by the system. Your unclaimed funds will be mailed to the address listed.

An additional screen may ask you for address verification. This ensures that the check will be mailed to a valid address.

Submit the Claim

Preview all the properties you are claiming and verify your personal information. If everything is correct, agree to the stated terms and select ‘Submit’. This creates an official claim and produces a claim number.

Maine Unclaimed Money

Complete Your Claim

  1. Assess and Collect Necessary Documents

You may be required to submit additional information, a signed claim form, etc. For additional documents related to your claim, an email will be sent.

  1. Submit Documents to the State Treasurer, State of Maine

Mail required documents to the address listed below:

Office of the State Treasurer

Attn: Unclaimed Property

39 State House Station,

Augusta, ME 04333-0039

Track Your Claim’s Status

You may now view your claim’s progress online. Simply enter the claim number attached to your case through the State Treasurer’s Status Page. The results will give you the recent status of your claim.

You may find your claim number listed in the email sent to you and on the claim form.

Maine Unclaimed Money

Each year, millions of dollars’ worth of unclaimed money are reported to the State of Maine Treasurer’s office. These finances are declared by many local and national organizations and businesses. The Treasurer’s Office holds all this unclaimed cash without any charge until they are requested by the heir or owner.

The Treasurer’s office uses town hall outreach, telethons, press releases, direct mail and other partnership programs to get in touch with individuals who have unclaimed property waiting for them.

If you’re thinking whether there is ‘any money owed to me’, start your search for unclaimed cash now.

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Enter your name to start searching! 100% confidential! Updated on August 17, 2022
100 Million Records Available!