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Unclaimed Money in the State of Maryland

The Comptroller of Maryland is the body responsible for handling unclaimed money in the state. The website of Maryland Unclaimed Property is also operated by the Comptroller of Maryland. Anyone who wishes to find their abandoned and lost property can do so from this website. Whether you have already performed your share of unclaimed money search in the past or this is only your first time, this article is going to help you understand how the process works. Every year, millions of dollars are held by the State of Maryland and all this unclaimed cash actually belongs to the public.

How to Claim Unclaimed Money in the State of Maryland?

The unclaimed money will be held until and unless the rightful owner claims the money as theirs or some rightful heir of that person comes to address the concern. But the fact is, people who own unclaimed cash are not really aware of the fact themselves and so the entire money goes unclaimed. The state officials say that this money can be from a variety of sources like business refunds, pension funds, security deposits and so on.

Maryland Unclaimed Money
But any real property is not included in this list. The owners of this money have the right to claim this unclaimed money at any point in time. There is an unclaimed property database available online. So, your last search on Google was ‘any money owed to me’ then you must not forget to check this database. Businesses and individuals can perform the search alike and all you need is your first and last name. If the search results list your name, then you have to get the claim form ST-912 printed. Fill out the form and don’t forget to put in the claim number and attach all copies of documentation required. There will be an address shown on the form. You will have to mail everything to the Comptroller’s Office at that address.

Follow These Steps

These are some of the steps you can utilize to get unclaimed money that you own –

  • Visit the Website of the Unclaimed Money Finder – As already mentioned earlier, this should be your first step as it will reveal a major chunk of money in case you have unclaimed money in your name. The narrower you make your search, the more it will become easier for you. In case you need assistance with the process or have any questions then you can call at 410-767-1700 which is the number to the Comptroller of Maryland's Unclaimed Property Unit.
  • Perform the Search – Whether you are an individual or a business/organization, you will have to enter the name in the designated search box of the Find Your Property page.
Maryland Unclaimed Money
  • Submit the Claim – All the information that is required by the form ST-912 will have to be filled out. For every claim number you find, you will have to print one form. Attach all the supporting documents and sign the form. Then mail the form to the address mentioned.
  • Wait for Approval – The processing time can vary depending upon the amount of claim and volume of claims. Once the claim is reviewed and every document is checked, the claim will be approved.

Maryland Unclaimed Money

In Maryland, unclaimed money comes from different sources like Government Unclaimed Funds, wages, insurance benefits, contents of safe deposit boxes, bank accounts and so on. Boats, real estate, and cars are never accounted as unclaimed property in Maryland. Since the inception of the lost and unclaimed money program in Maryland, the rightful owners have been reunited with their unclaimed money amounting to a total of $300 million over the years.

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Enter your name to start searching! 100% confidential! Updated on May 26, 2022
100 Million Records Available!