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Unclaimed Money Florida

Currently, the state of Florida is estimated to hold $2 billion in unclaimed money. Yet, the majority of residents in the state are unaware that they may be entitled to some of these unclaimed funds. Like in all other US states that hold unclaimed cash, the residents of Florida can claim back what is rightfully theirs at any time they desire. To do so, you can use either the state's unclaimed money search services, a free unclaimed money search website, or GoLookUp. After you locate the money that belongs to you, you can claim it back from the proper authorities and use it at your discretion.

What is Unclaimed Money?

Unclaimed money - often referred to as missing money or unclaimed property - is money that people left behind without being aware of it. Whenever you make a change that involves money in any way, like switch jobs or change your pension fund currier, you may be leaving money behind. Most of this unclaimed money comes from dormant accounts in financial institutions, insurance and utility companies, securities and trust holdings. But unclaimed property also includes tangible property such as watches, jewelry, coins, currency, stamps, historical items and other miscellaneous articles from abandoned safe deposit boxes. Until claimed, unclaimed money is deposited with the Chief Financial Officer of the state. 

Missing money can be found in tax refunds, unclaimed paychecks, pensions, life insurance, and at the hands of other financial authorities. On average, any person is entitled to $900 in unclaimed funds, and there have been many cases where people found out they can claim back over $1 million they were unaware of. Each state has its own unclaimed property law.

Unclaimed Money Florida

Lost Money Search in Florida

In 2018, $323 million was paid out to Floridians. An impressive number, which probably makes you want to find out if any of it should be coming your way. Especially as stats show that there is a 1 in 5 chance you have missing money or unclaimed property.

The good news is that the state of Florida does not have a statute of limitations on unclaimed money and property, so you can claim back what is rightfully yours at any time, at no cost. This also means that you are entitled to claim back funds that belong to your family members from several generations ago. To locate the unclaimed funds, the Florida Treasury operates a service to help residents locate any money or property they may be entitled to.

Aside from the Florida Treasury, you can also use free unclaimed money websites. The problem with these kinds of websites is that they cannot tap into all the public records that contain information about unclaimed money in Florida. The lack of finances is a direct result of free unclaimed money websites' no-fee policy, so even if you are entitled to funds from the state of Florida, you might not find them.

Additional problems that free unclaimed money websites have is they do not provide secure services, meaning your personal computer and data may be breached. The lack of a customer support service also makes free unclaimed money sites less desirable, so if you want to search for lost money in Florida, this is not the best way to go.

Unclaimed Funds Florida

Using a Professional Unclaimed Money Search Website

If you want to find out if you, or your family, are entitled to unclaimed money in Florida, you have to use a professional website that can access all the public records in the state. GoLookUp is exactly that kind of website that can give you access to all the public records in the state. On top of that, GoLookUp gives you the possibility to perform unlimited unclaimed money searches, meaning you can run a search for each one of your family members. As the stats show, there is a 1 in 5 chance that money is owed to you so if you can run a missing money search on everyone in your family, you are bound to find unclaimed money somewhere. Additionally, the GoLookUp customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you in finding this money.

The Florida unclaimed money search on GoLookUp is easy; all you have to do is enter the name of the person who may be entitled to money, and then the website does the rest of the work. To track down the money that belongs to you or your family member, GoLookUp conducts in-depth public records search throughout Florida and all the authorities that may be holding your money. The results are then provided to you in a report that sums up the information about the money you are entitled to. After you find out the sum of money you can claim back, you can file a form with the authority that holds it, and ask for what belongs to you. 120 days after your request is processed, you will receive a check with the sum of money you are entitled to, and you can use it for any purpose you desire.

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Enter your name to start searching! 100% confidential! Updated on July 3, 2022
100 Million Records Available!