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Unclaimed Money North Carolina

The state of North Carolina holds more than $711 million of unclaimed money that belongs to its residents, both past and present. If you reside in North Carolina, you can claim back your money at any time.

Also, if you lived in North Carolina in the past, you may be entitled to some of funds held by the state. To do so, you can use the state's services to find unclaimed money in North Carolina. You can also use a free unclaimed money search that is available to you online, or use GoLookUp's quick and accurate North Carolina unclaimed money search service.

What is Unclaimed Money?

Over the past several years more and more people have been exposed to the term Unclaimed Money, but not all of them know exactly what it means. The proof is nearly $60 billion of unclaimed funds in the United States that have yet to be collected by their rightful owners.

In simple terms, unclaimed money is money that has been forgotten by its owner. When a person moves to another state, changes banks, change pension providers, and makes any other changes that involve money, they leave behind quite a few dollars. The money gets accumulated in pension funds, unclaimed paychecks, abandoned bank accounts, life insurance, and other places where money gets transferred. By law, the authorities that hold unclaimed money cannot use it, meaning that you, the owner of the lost money, can claim it back at any time.

Unclaimed Money North Carolina

Lost Money Search in North Carolina

Like all other 49 states in the US, North Carolina also holds unclaimed money that belongs to residents who currently reside in it, and also those who lived in North Carolina in the past. To help people locate missing money and also unclaimed property, the North Carolina Department of State Treasurer operates a special online service. To conduct the search, you have to answer certain criteria decided upon by the state of North Carolina.

There are also free unclaimed money search websites that can help you locate your missing funds. To use them, you will need to provide your first name and last name, and the system will then run a public record check to search for your money. While this sounds like the perfect solution to search for unclaimed monies in North Carolina, free unclaimed money websites can do more harm than good. These kinds of websites do not have any financial means to tap into all the public records in North Carolina. This means that the search you conduct can come up empty, even though you are entitled to lost money.

Also, free unclaimed money websites do not provide their users with a protection system and a customer support service to help them when they encounter problems. That is why it is recommended that you use a professional unclaimed money service, like GoLookUp.

Missing Money North Carolina

Using a Professional Unclaimed Money Search Website

If you lived in North Carolina in the past, or currently live in the state, you can use GoLookUp to see if you are entitled to any unclaimed cash. To run a search, all you have to do is enter your name into GoLookUp's unclaimed money search service page. Afterward, GoLookUp will scan millions of public records in North Carolina, and tell you if you are entitled to money. The search is performed in a matter of minutes, so you can find money that belongs to you in no time at all.

You can also find unclaimed money that belongs to your relatives, living or deceased, and claim it back at any time. If you lived in any other state in the US, you can use GoLookUp to conduct an unclaimed cash search there as well. The website offers unlimited searches to users, so you can run as many searches as you need.

The website also operates around the clock customer support service that you can use in case you have any questions. To make sure that no one is looking at your search history, or trying to breach your personal computer, GoLookUp uses security systems that protect you at all times. The all-in-one unclaimed money and unclaimed property service provided by GoLookUp helps people locate money that belongs to them, and you can also benefit from this service.

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Enter your name to start searching! 100% confidential! Updated on June 29, 2022
100 Million Records Available!