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Unclaimed Money Ohio: How to Find Unclaimed Assets in Ohio?

As of 2018, the state of Ohio holds a whopping $2.3 billion of unclaimed funds that the residents can claim back at any time. Many people who live in Ohio, or lived there in the past, are entitled to unclaimed money, and most of them are unaware of it.

If you or one of your family members currently reside in Ohio or lived there in the past, you may be owed money by different financial authorities in the state. To search for unclaimed cash that you may be entitled to, you can run an online search on three types of websites: the state's site that holds information of unclaimed funds, free unclaimed money websites, and GoLookUp.

Unclaimed Funds Ohio

What is Unclaimed Money?

The United States currently has $58 billion of unclaimed cash spread across all of its 50 states. This amount of money was accumulated over the years as a result of people abandoning money without being aware of it. As a result of people switching jobs, moving from one state to the other, closing bank accounts, changing their pension providers, and other changes that involve money, people left behind money that became lost money.

The billions of dollars of unclaimed money are held in uncashed paychecks, closed bank accounts, life insurance policies, and at the hands of other financial entities. By law, no one other than the rightful owner of the unclaimed property can use it. This means that whoever holds your money cannot use it and that you can claim it back at any time.

Lost Money Search in Ohio

The Office of Ohio Treasurer helps people locate unclaimed money in Ohio with an online service. If you live in Ohio or used to live there, you may have money coming your way. You can use the treasurer's online service to locate the funds.

You can also use a free online unclaimed money search website that can help you locate the money you are entitled to. However, you need to take the term "free" under limited guarantee. Many websites that advertise themselves as free are not truly free. They only present themselves as free of charge, but in reality, require users to pay fees for advanced services, such as Ohio unclaimed money search.

There are also several websites that are truly free of charge, but the free services come at a cost. The lack of financial resources means that free unclaimed money search websites do not have a customer support service to help users when they encounter problems. The lack of money also means that free unclaimed money websites do not have a security system that can protect your private information.

However, the biggest problem with free lost money websites is that they do not have the means to gain access to all the public records in Ohio. This means that even if you're entitled to unclaimed money, you might not be able to find it with these kinds of sites.

Unclaimed Money Ohio

Unclaimed Money Ohio Free

Searching for lost money can be done in several ways, including unclaimed money Ohio free search sites. When using these types of websites, you need to make sure they can provide you with the information you need. Why? Because free websites do not have full access to Ohio public records, including Ohio unclaimed money records.

So, an unclaimed money Ohio free site can show you that you are not entitled to lost money even if you are. To make sure you get full access to public records in the state, you need to use a professional directory that has complete access to the state's public records. Then, you will be easily able to find Ohio unclaimed money that is registered to your name, and also search for money that belongs to your family members.

Using a Professional Unclaimed Money Search Website

The best way to locate unclaimed money in Ohio is to use a website that has access to all public records in the state. GoLookUp has this access, and you can find money that belongs to you or one of your family members with ease. All you have to do is type in your first name and last name to the lost money query, and GoLookUp will do the rest. The website will scan millions of public records and locate the amount of money you are entitled to, as well as its whereabouts. You can run an Ohio unclaimed money search, or a search in any other state in the country, thanks to GoLookUp's unlimited search service.

You can also enjoy a 24/7 customer support service that can help you with any questions or problems you may have. The advanced security system on GoLookUp also allows you to be sure that all your information is safe and sound, so you get the most excellent unclaimed money search service.

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Enter your name to start searching! 100% confidential! Updated on June 29, 2022
100 Million Records Available!