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Unclaimed Money Texas: Everything You Need to Know about Claiming Missing Money in Texas

The Unclaimed Money program announced that there are over $800 million in unclaimed funds in the state of Texas. As part of a national effort to help people claim back their money, the state of Texas is encouraging residents to search for their funds and receive it.

If you are a resident of Texas and wish to find out if you have any missing money coming your way, you can conduct a Texas unclaimed money search, and claim what is rightfully yours. You can use either a state unclaimed money search service, a free unclaimed money search, or GoLookUp – a website for a statewide unclaimed cash search.

What is Unclaimed Money?

Many people have heard the term 'unclaimed money' over the past several years, but most of them are unaware of what it is, and how it can affect their lives. Like the title suggests, unclaimed money is money that is held by financial authorities in each state. After residents in each state, like Texas, relocate, change their pension plans, do not ask for tax refunds, or conduct any change that has to do with money, they leave cash behind.

The lost money is held by banks, pension funds, former employers, the tax authority, and other establishments that cannot use it. According to the law, unclaimed money in Texas and any other state must be returned to their rightful owners, or their family members, in case the owner of the money is deceased.

Unclaimed Money Texas

State of Texas Unclaimed Funds Search

If you want to find unclaimed monies in Texas, you can use the state-run website that can locate it based on your money. You can also run a free unclaimed money search on a website that can provide you with the information you need free of charge. However, in many cases, people who are entitled to missing money cannot find it on free websites. Why? Because these kinds of websites do not have the funds necessary to gain access to all the public records in each state. Also, free unclaimed money websites do not offer their users with a security plan that can protect their information, as well as a customer support service.

There are also free websites that are not free at all; these sites advertise themselves as free of charge but require users to pay fees to provide them with full information about the money they are entitled to.

Missing Money Texas

State of Texas Unclaimed Funds Search

To perform a state of Texas unclaimed funds search on your own, you will need to get in touch with all the financial establishments that may be holding your money. To save yourself time and money, you can use GoLookUp – a website that can give you access to all the public records in Texas. Performing a state of Texas unclaimed funds search with GoLookUp is easy thanks to the fact that you can perform the query online. To find money that you are entitled to with GoLookUp, all you have to do is to enter your first name and last name into the unclaimed funds' search query.

Once you do, GoLookUp will scan all the public records in Texas to locate the exact whereabouts of the money you are entitled to. Aside from the unclaimed money search, you can also run a property search that can help you locate property registered to your name. If you have a family member (living or deceased) that may also be entitled to money, you can run a search on them as well.

Texas, like many other states, allows relatives of people who have unclaimed money to claim it back, and you can also be entitled to money from a family member. A lot of people discovered that their family members have lost assets, money, and property they can claim back. With the help of GoLookUp, you can also find money that belongs to your family and claim it back at any time. Once you discover the missing money/assets, you will be able to file a request to get the money back. Requests are then checked and you will get back your money within 120 days.

To make the lost funds search service as best as possible, GoLookUp also provides users with a 24/7 customer support service, as well as a security system that protects their personal data and information. That way, you can run a quick and easy Texas unclaimed money search, and be certain that no one has access to your search results.

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Enter your name to start searching! 100% confidential! Updated on June 29, 2022
100 Million Records Available!