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Missouri Unclaimed Money: Lookup Missing Money in the State of Missouri!

Missouri unclaimed property reached a sum of $760 million found in more than 4.5 million accounts. The Missouri state treasurer is encouraging residents of the state to reclaim their money, and find out of the are entitled to Missouri unclaimed property.

Not only current residents of the state if Missouri is entitled to unclaimed money, but also those who lived there in the past, and those who conducted business in Missouri. If you ever lived in Missouri, you could be one of the people who is entitled to the lost money found at the state treasurer. To reclaim the lost money, you need to track it down at first. These days you have several online methods to run an unclaimed money search, and now you can get familiar with them.

Unclaimed Money Missouri

What is Unclaimed Money?

Every state in the US gathers and keeps unclaimed money in different ways, but it is fundamentally the same in each of them; unclaimed money is money that gets left behind and forgotten by its owners. How does this happen? The main reason people accumulate unclaimed money is that they make changes in their lives that cause them to leave money behind.

These changes include changing banks, switching pension carriers, moving from one state to the other, changing address within the state, closing bank accounts, not claiming tax refunds, etc. All these changes often lead to people not being aware they leave money behind, which makes their money unclaimed money. Lost money in the United States has accumulated to a whopping $58 billion and there are millions of people across the country who have lost money registered to your name. An unclaimed money Missouri search or a similar search in other state allows you to claim back lost funds that belong to you.

Aside from getting back money that is registered to your name, you can also get missing funds that belong to your family members. If your deceased relatives left behind unclaimed money Missouri funds, you can claim it back in their name.

Lost Money in Missouri

The Missouri State Treasurer, Eric Schmitt, has stated that one of 1 of 10 people in the state could be entitled Missouri unclaimed property. If you wish to search for Missouri unclaimed money that you may be entitled to, you can run an unclaimed money search on the State Treasurer's website. The search is a name- based query, so if you currently reside in Missouri, you can find money that belongs to you.

You can also use free unclaimed money websites that can help you track down Missouri unclaimed property online. Like the state treasurer's office, free missing money search websites help users track down based on their name.

However, there are some free unclaimed money search websites that charge users for money and are only free for advertisement purposes. Aside from these websites, there are also sites that are completely free of charge. Many choose to use free unclaimed money websites without being aware of their limitations. The lack of subscriber fees makes free unclaimed money websites unable to provide the following services:

  • Full access to Missouri public records
  • A customer support service
  • A security system

The lack of access to public records is the biggest problem that unclaimed money search websites have. Without access to such records, you could discover that you are not entitled to unclaimed money despite the fact that you are.

Missouri Unclaimed Money

Using a Professional Unclaimed Money Search Website

The best way to gain full access to all Missouri public records and be certain that you receive accurate data about unclaimed money, is to use a professional unclaimed property search website. GoLookUp is the website that can give you such access to public records, and help you track down money that belongs to you. To perform an unclaimed money Missouri search, you will need to enter your name into the search directory on the site.

Once you enter your name into GoLookUp's name-based unclaimed money directory, the website will scan all the public records in the state to find your missing money. If you want to conduct searches in other states or run a search for one of your relatives, you can do so with GoLookUp's unlimited search service. With the help of GoLookUp, you can also perform an Unclaimed money Missouri search for your relatives – living or deceased. According to US law, you are also entitled to claim back lost money for your relatives. Thanks to this law, you can search for unclaimed money Missouri funds and property for people in your family. In both cases, if you are entitled to missing money, you will get it back within 120 days submitting your request.

Aside from access to all public records, GoLookUp also provides users with full protection of their data as well as a 24/7 customer support service. Thanks to these services, you can be certain that you will find unclaimed money that belongs to you quickly and easily.

Did you know?

You can find unclaimed money in the State of Missouri! 

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Enter your name to start searching! 100% confidential! Updated on June 29, 2022
100 Million Records Available!