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Unclaimed Money in the State of Montana

Montana is at the moment holding more than ninety million dollars in unclaimed funds. In the State of Montana, unclaimed money comes from the following sources.

  • Inactive checking accounts
  • Inactive savings accounts
  • Money orders that were not cashed
  • Cashier checks
  • Royalty payments on minerals
  • Contents of a person’s safe deposit box
  • Gift certificates that lie unused
  • Insurance benefits that are yet to be claimed
  • Cash dividends that have been lost by the owner
  • Stock
  • Found utility deposits
  • Security deposits that are still unclaimed
  • Court deposits

Montana Unclaimed Money

All this unclaimed money in Montana is held by the State Treasury. The State of Montana, like many other states in the US, deems money or property or miscellaneous assets to be reclaimed when the same lie inactive for a period of between 3 and 5 years. The Unclaimed Money Act of the state of Montana says that unclaimed cash and unclaimed property will be held by its treasury till such time as the rightful owner is given custody of it.

Every year, the state of Montana holds unclaimed cash to the tune of many millions of dollars. This unclaimed money in Montana has to be claimed by their rightful owners who are encouraged by the state to check whether some of this unclaimed money in Montana is theirs.

The money that has yet to be claimed can come from a variety of sources including a bank account that was forgotten by its owner and it can also come from an unclaimed check or money order. Some people forget about the payments on their insurance policies, while others may have gift certificates that lie unused. All these become unclaimed property which the State of Montana holds in trust for an indefinite period.

How to Claim Unclaimed Money in the State of Montana?

If you are a Montanan, then you will do well to check your local newspaper over a period of a few months to look for advertisements and inserts from the department. These ads and inserts held the names of Montanans that have unclaimed money and property during the previous year. You can also use an online Unclaimed Money Search to check for unclaimed property. It does not matter how long ago the money or property has been lying unclaimed. Simply visit and then click on Search for Unclaimed Cash and see if your name is on the list. Next, follow the instructions on the screen to submit your claim.

Montana Unclaimed Money
Follow these steps

If I wish to submit my claim for any money owed to me by the state of Montana, all I have to do is contact the department via an email or I can also choose to call them on 866-859-2254. I will need to initiate my claim but before doing so, I need to make sure that, at the time of submitting my claim, that I have provided all necessary documentation to help verify that I am indeed the owner and that I am who I say I am.

The department will then either approve or reject your claim and inform you in writing about its decision. This normally won’t take more than 90 days.

Montana Unclaimed Money

If your claim was not approved, then the department is going to provide you with written reasons for rejecting your claim and it will also ask you to provide evidence that can help them approve your claim. If you have fresh evidence, then you can file a fresh claim with the department’s administrator.

If your claim is approved, you can get your unclaimed money in Montana easily. The same will be delivered to you or paid by the department’s administrator within a month. The Government unclaimed funds are held by the Montana Treasury till the time the rightful owner or a person authorized by the owner submits a legal claim. You can make your claim for lost and unclaimed money easier by submitting originals or Xeroxed copies of the following documents with your claim:

  • Death certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage license of the person making the claim or that of his or her descendant
  • Entire last will and testament
  • Insurance policy
  • A document that establishes trust
  • Power of attorney
  • Indemnity bond
  • Articles of incorporation
  • A closing account of the decree of allocation
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Social Security card
  • Voter Registration Card
  • A court document that shows appointment as personal representative
  • Executor
  • Executrix
  • Affidavit of authority to obtain and disseminate funds for an individual or corporation


If you believe you have some money that you have not claimed, then be sure to check with the Montana state official website to see whether you can claim the money. The process is easy and it won't take very long before your claim is approved.

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Enter your name to start searching! 100% confidential! Updated on May 18, 2022
100 Million Records Available!