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Unclaimed Money in the State of Nevada

“Any money owed to me that I was not aware?” If this question had ever come to your mind and you were from Nevada, then there could be Unclaimed Money Nevada belonging to you. It could be money and property in your name that you were not aware of or had forgotten. It could also be money for which you are the rightful heir and owner.

Not many people are aware that there is more than $830 million unclaimed cash Nevada that is lying with the Treasurer’s office. This is money belonging to people of Nevada who have not claimed it. In fact, last year itself claims worth $37 million were settled and Nevada Government unclaimed funds were disposed of by handing them over to their rightful owners.

Nevada Unclaimed Money

It is possible that you may have opened multiple bank accounts in different places. You may even have forgotten about it. You may have forgotten about dividend and insurance payouts. They may be stock that has been willed to you and you didn’t know where it was. All such abandoned property is the with the office of the Treasurer of Nevada. The Lost and unclaimed money is ready and waiting for its rightful owners. The only thing to be done is to make a proper claim.

How to Claim Unclaimed Money in the State of Nevada: Follow These Steps

It is possible to get unclaimed money Nevada that is in your name. The Nevada Treasurer office has set up a website to help people claim their money. The website where you can find out about unclaimed property is

If you feel there is unclaimed property in your name, you can get it. First, you need to search to verify if the property does belong to you. Here are the steps involved in the claim process:


It is possible to search Lost and unclaimed money Nevada from the website of the Unclaimed Property Division. You need to first specify if you are searching for personal property or business property. Then enter your last name, which is compulsory and also the first name to help get an accurate result for your search. Click the captcha box and start your search.


The Unclaimed Money Search results are then displayed on the screen matching the search criteria that you specified. You can get to see details of the property, amount involved, and its description. After going through the list, if you feel that there is any property that belongs to you; then you need to add a claim.

Nevada Unclaimed Money

You can add claims for all the property that is rightfully yours. Just like online shopping, the property is added to a cart. Once you are done, open the cart to see the list of property you are claiming. You must first specify your relationship with the person whose property is displayed and then produce proof. You can register with the site or even proceed as a guest.

You need to enter all the details of the owner claiming the property, including social security number, address, etc. Once you finish this, you can create a claim. In this way, you can create claims for all property that belongs to you.

Once you create a claim, the claim form is generated. You need to print the form, attach documents as proof and mail it to:

Nevada Unclaimed Property, 555 E. Washington Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

All that remains is to wait for your claim to be accepted so you can receive your money.

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Enter your name to start searching! 100% confidential! Updated on May 18, 2022
100 Million Records Available!