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Unclaimed Money in the State of North Dakota

Are you wondering whether there is ‘any money owed to me’ or whether or not you can file a claim to your unclaimed money? Then you have come to the right place because here you will learn all about it in detail. Firstly, you need to understand what unclaimed money is. The common misconception about unclaimed money or unclaimed cash among people is that it is the amount of money that has no rightful owner. But the scenario is something entirely different.

The reason why a certain amount of money becomes unclaimed is that the money holder, which is usually a bank, some business or any other financial institution fails to get hold of the rightful owner of the property within a certain specified limit of time. So, if the owner of the money does not show any gesture towards establishing contact with the holder then that too can be counted as unclaimed money.

North Dakota Unclaimed Money
How to Claim Unclaimed Money in the State of North Dakota?

There is an Official Unclaimed Money Finder website of North Dakota which you have to visit. There, you will be searching a name to whom the money belongs and if you find the name you are looking for then you will have to file the claim. The process is simple and the claim gets approved fast only if you submit all the required supporting documentation. But there is an important rule that you must be aware of. According to the law of the state of North Dakota, if an individual does not claim his/her property and leaves it abandoned for more than three years, then the property can become distributable or payable. But the time limit is not the same for all types of properties, as it varies depending on a lot of factors.

The scenario for North Dakota businesses is also different when it comes to unclaimed money. Any and all unclaimed property of businesses are required to be handed over to the state. Any business that fails to comply with the rules set by the state will have to pay heavy penalties.

Follow These Steps

Here are the detailed steps that you should follow in order to get unclaimed money back –

  • The unclaimed money search page of North Dakota will allow you to make the search only with the first name and last name or business name. Other searchable databases usually include other parameters too like zip code, city, and even property ID number.
  • But later on after the initial search, you can narrow down the results with the additional parameters.
  • If you want to claim property, you will notice that there is a claim button in the Action column. Click the button. After that, you will be directed to a page where you will have to review all the properties that you have claimed.
North Dakota Unclaimed Money
  • You can also select the claimant relationship on this page.
  • Then you will be given the claimant information form which you have to fill out in detail.
  • Then you have to press the Next button and Submit the form. The documentation that will be asked to provide will vary with the claimant relationship you have selected.

If your unclaimed property is held by the state, then you should perform the search on the national database and file a claim with the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA).

North Dakota Unclaimed Property

The most common types of lost and unclaimed money in the state of North Dakota include Government Unclaimed Funds, stocks, uncashed payroll checks, checking accounts, trust distributions, insurance refunds or payments, savings accounts or even annuities and customer overpayments.

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Enter your name to start searching! 100% confidential! Updated on August 17, 2022
100 Million Records Available!