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Unclaimed Money South Dakota

South Dakota unclaimed property has reached $280 million in 2018, and millions of dollars are added to this sum each year. Like all the other states in the US, South Dakota is requesting residents to claim back the money they are entitled to. The missing money in South Dakota belongs not only to current residents of the state but also to those who lived in South Dakota in the past or had a business in the state.

If you ever lived in South Dakota, or if you are currently a resident of the state, you may be entitled to some of the missing money held by the Treasurer. Also, if one of your relatives was a former resident of South Dakota or currently lives in it, they might also be entitled to South Dakota unclaimed property.

Unclaimed Money South Dakota

What is Unclaimed Money?

Many of you must have heard the terms unclaimed money, abandoned money, missing money, and others, but do you know what they mean and how they affect you? Unclaimed money is money that was left behind by its owners after they made changes in their lives that involve their finances.

Once a resident in the US changes his/her address, switches pension carriers, or makes any number of financially influential changes, money gets left behind. The only people who can use the unclaimed money are the people who earned it, meaning you. The states in the US are prohibited from using unclaimed property, so you or your family members can claim it back at any time.

Missing Money in South Dakota

1 out of every 4 residents in South Dakota are entitled to the unclaimed funds, and you could be one of them. South Dakota unclaimed property currently stands at millions of dollars, and while it is difficult to know exact numbers, the state has been able to return the equivalent of more than $15 million over the last two years. 

To search for the money, you can use the South Dakota Treasurer's unclaimed property website. To conduct the search, you will need to provide your full name, the name of your business, the property ID, the name of the city you reside in and your zip code.

If you are no longer a resident of South Dakota, you can use a free unclaimed money search site that can help you track down missing money registered to your name. If you perform an online search for ‘South Dakota unclaimed property’ or ‘SD unclaimed property’, you will find several options. But if you choose to use a free unclaimed money search website, you need to make sure exactly what types of services such sites provide.

There are many free money search websites that do not charge their users for any money, and this is their biggest disadvantage; free missing money search websites do not have the financial means to provide their users with full access to public records. As a result, you might not find cash you are entitled to despite the fact you are entitled to such funds.

Also, free unclaimed money search websites do not have the resources necessary to provide users with a protection system and a customer support service.

In addition to free unclaimed money search websites that are truly free, there are websites that are only advertised as free. These types of websites may advertise themselves as free, but they charge users for advanced services, such as an unclaimed money search.

South Dakota Unclaimed Property

Using a Professional Unclaimed Money Search Website

To conduct a reliable and in-depth unclaimed property search in South Dakota or any other state for that matter, you need to use a website that has access to all the public records in the country.

GoLookUp is one of the most advanced public records websites that can provide you with an unclaimed money search service whenever you desire. All you have to do to search for missing money registered to your name, or that of a relative, is to type into GoLookUp's unclaimed money search directory.

The search engine on the website will then scan all the public records that contain data about the name you entered and will provide you with missing money information in mere minutes. If you want to search for unclaimed money in a state other than South Dakota, you can easily do so by using GoLookUp's unlimited search service.

Along with the website's 24/7 customer support service and advanced security system, you can be certain that all the searches you perform are protected, quick, and reliable.

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Enter your name to start searching! 100% confidential! Updated on July 3, 2022
100 Million Records Available!