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Unclaimed Money in the State of South Dakota

Did you know that money that probably belongs to you can be lying unclaimed somewhere? If you were having a question, is there any money owed to me? The answer is probably yes. There may be unclaimed money South Dakota in your name somewhere. So, what is unclaimed money?

Unclaimed money is property or unclaimed cash that belongs to someone else, who has not claimed it. It is basically an abandoned property. For example, you may have an account in a bank with some cash in it. Those who travel frequently would have opened bank accounts in many cities. Since the cash in the account was not a huge sum, you may forget about it when you move to another city. In this way, there are thousands of bank accounts that have cash in them. This cash is unclaimed by its owners.

South Dakota Unclaimed Money
Apart from accounts in banks, there are also certificates of deposit, insurance payment checks, refunds from utility providers, dividends on stocks, bonds, contents of safe deposit boxes, etc. All these are an unclaimed property that has been forgotten or abandoned for various reasons. In some cases, a person may die suddenly and his heirs may not even know that there is property in his name.

The Government unclaimed funds South Dakota is managed by the office of the State Treasurer. Over a period of two years, South Dakota has paid out $15 million in unclaimed property to its rightful owners. It could be your money or money that belonged to your relatives for which you are the rightful heir; whatever may be the case, you can now claim this money easily.

How to Claim Unclaimed Money in the State of South Dakota: Follow These Steps

Lost and unclaimed money South Dakota can be claimed very easily through the website of the State Treasurer’s Office. It is the state treasurer’s responsibility to ensure that the property is disposed of to its owner. So, the state treasurer would advertise and inform people about lost property. This is why they have set up a website to help people get unclaimed money, South Dakota. The website address for this is

South Dakota Unclaimed Money
Unclaimed money search South Dakota helps you find out if there is any property in your name. It is possible that you may not even know that you have unclaimed money in your name or for which you are the rightful owner. In such a case, the first thing is for you to search for such money. All this is possible through this website. Following are the steps to get your unclaimed money in the state of South Dakota:

1) First you need to search for unclaimed property. You can search using your name or your business name. You can also search using the name of your parents, relatives for whose property you are the legal heir. Filtering results can be done using city and zip code. In case you have a property ID, it makes your search easy.

2) Once you search, you get a list of property matching your search. Go through and find out if anything belongs to you. If yes, then you can claim the property as yours by clicking on the claim button.

3) You can view the claimed property in your name and then enter your details including address and proof (documentation) that the property belongs to you. Once you click on submit, the claim will then be processed.

4) You can use the unique claim number to track your claim. If it is accepted, then the money is transferred to you. There are no charges for this.

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Enter your name to start searching! 100% confidential! Updated on August 9, 2022
100 Million Records Available!