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Unclaimed Money in the State of Texas

Before you pay off your loans or monthly bills, you might want to check if you have any unclaimed money that’s sitting in your name, just waiting for you to come and get it.

The state of Texas is holding onto more than $4 billion in unclaimed cash, property, items, and other movables of its citizens, and it’s patiently awaiting your claim.

If you’ve ever had refunds, invoices, or royalty get lost in the mail, you might be able to recover it through government unclaimed funds in your name that was all the little bits and bobs of money over the years that lost their way. Any money or payment you forgot to take action on, lies dormant with the comptroller office under an unclaimed property.

To initiate an unclaimed money search, first, you must check with the comptroller to see if any cash with your name is sitting idle.

How to Claim Unclaimed Money in the State of Texas

When a business has money lying dormant because of checks that weren’t cashed, or insurance that matured but was all forgotten about, those amounts are gathered up by the state unclaimed property program headed up by the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administration. They work hand in hand with banking institutions, insurance agencies, and governmental entities to pool unclaimed valuables, properties, items, and everything with an assessable monetary value towards the state treasury. Any money owed to me or you, under the state of Texas, are compiled in this program.

The state holds a vault in Texas, filled with the contents of abandoned safety deposit boxes with everything over an identifiable monetary value of over $50.

Gold, silver, jewelry, and cash aren’t the only things under lock and key in the state vaults.

Autopsy photos of Lee Harvey Oswald, first edition books belonging to Sir Isaac Newton, Descartes, and Archimedes are among the thousands of items that lie along lost and unclaimed money in government coffers.

Texas Unclaimed Money

If you’ve lost treasure, other valuables or money that belongs to you, your state has a program to get it back safe and sound in your possession.

Security deposit boxes relinquished by their owners for more than 5 years are auctioned away with the winning bids put in their rightful owner’s name.

The state holds everything of value as government unclaimed funds, and all you need to do to get unclaimed money is to enter your personal information on the respective state's database to see if you have any claims pending.

Institutes such as retail stores, insurance handlers, Credit Unions, government offices, utility providers and any other business that have the money you failed to take action on, is all here.

This is your chance to claim all forgotten trust fund money, ignored insurance policies, mutual funds, and other stock options, uncashed checks, and royalty fees that belong to you all along.

Follow These Steps

To get your unclaimed money, first, find your respective state’s unclaimed money database and enter your full name in the search options provided. If you have a reference number connected to your claim, enter that, else try your personal and business names.

Multiple parties to a single claim have to prove their ownership and identities to stake their claim over a single lump sum that will be divided by all the parties.

Texas Unclaimed Money

For general purpose claim holders, please refer to Form C-General Claim Form.

For business owners, please refer to Claim Form A-Original Owner Claim Forms or Claim Form B-Business Owner Claim Forms.

Upload your documents

To prove your ownership to prevent fraudulent persons from seizing your claims, you will need to provide

  • A proof of residency form indicating your current residence.
  • A proof of residency form connected to the state you are making the claim for.
  • An IRS Form W-2.
  • Social Security details with several copies of the same.
  • Valid identify proof such as a drivers license.

Submit your documents to


City of Austin

Unclaimed Property Section

P.O. Box 2106

Austin, Texas 78768

Include your filled out a form with their supporting documents to the above address, or avail the online submission form if available.

You’ll need a notarized signature for claims above $1000. Your bank can direct you towards a notary.

Await your money

A claims examiner might contact you by phone or letter. If your information you have provided is accurate, barring no complications or unforeseen circumstances, your claim will payout in 60-90 days.

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Enter your name to start searching! 100% confidential! Updated on August 19, 2022
100 Million Records Available!