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The term unclaimed monies has been making headlines over the past few years, and for a good reason; many people in the US are entitled to unclaimed property without being aware of it. You could also have missing money registered to your name, and thankfully, you can find it in a matter of moments with an unclaimed money search service that you can use online.

What is Unclaimed Property?

Unclaimed property, AKA unclaimed money, is a term used to describe money, assets, and property that have been accumulated over the years without their rightful owners claiming them back. How is this possible? While losing money and property seems unlikely, it is more common than you might think; over the years, people all across the US move from one place to another, change their address, their credit carriers, banks, jobs, and make other change that involves money.

Unclaimed Monies

As a result, money gets left behind in different places, such as uncashed paychecks, pensions funds, bonds, banks, state-held property, and more. The funds and assets in these places have accumulated to nearly $60 billion in the US, and each state holds money for its past and present residents.

According to US law, no one can use unclaimed funds other than the people it is registered to. Thanks to property laws, you can claim back money that belongs to you whenever you desire. You can also claim back money that belongs to family members, living or deceased, as part of the possession and inheritance laws in America.


How to Claim Back Unclaimed Monies?

To claim back unclaimed money that belongs to you or one of your family members, you will first need to conduct a check is each state you lived in. As each state holds unclaimed property in different places (such as state treasurer offices), you need to know who to contact. After you find out where your unclaimed monies are held, you will need to fill out a request form with your personal information.

The request will be processed by the proper authorities, and if you have unclaimed property waiting for you, you will get it within 120 days on average.

unclaimed Property

To save yourself valuable time, you can use GoLookUp's unclaimed property search directory that will perform all the searching for you. How does it work? Very simply; all you have to do to find unclaimed funds with GoLookUp is enter the name of the person and the state of search. For instance, if you lived in Texas, you can search for Texas unclaimed property registered to your name, as well as unclaimed money in your current state of residence.

The website's search engine will scan public records to find missing money registered to the name you entered, and will provide you with data about said properties. The search takes mere moments, so you can find money that belongs to you quickly and easily. All the searches on GoLookUp are secured so that you can be certain no one has access to your information other than you. You can also contact the 24/7 customer support service in case you have questions, and claim back unclaimed monies that are waiting for you.

Enter your name to start searching! 100% confidential! Updated on May 21, 2019
100 Million Records Available!