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Unclaimed Money West Virginia

More than $230 million – this is the sum of West Virginia unclaimed property that residents of the state are entitled to. The millions of dollars of missing funds in West Virginia are held by the state Treasurer office that is encouraging residents to find out if they are entitled to unclaimed cash.

The West Virginia unclaimed property is owed to current residents of the state, as well as people who lived in the state in their past. Also, if you have deceased family members that resided in West Virginia, there is a great chance that you are entitled to claim back the missing money registered to their name.

Unclaimed Money West Virginia

What is Unclaimed Money

There are millions of people across America who are entitled to some of the $58 billion of unclaimed money held by all 50 states. The money has been adding up for decades as a result of people making certain changes in their lives that involve money. If a certain resident of the US has closed their bank account, moved from one place to another, changed pension carriers and did one of any number of financial changes, they are likely to have left money behind. The 'forgotten' money is held by each state, and it is illegal for authorities to use money that belongs to residents. So, you can find out if you are entitled to unclaimed money in West Virginia or any other state in the US and claim it back at any time.

Missing Money in West Virginia

West Virginia unclaimed money can be tracked in one of three ways: by using the state's online missing money search service, by using a free unclaimed money search site, or by using GoLookUp's unclaimed money search. The West Virginia State Treasurer website can help you track down missing money based on your name. If you currently reside in West Virginia and want to check if you are entitled to missing money, you can enter your name into the state's unclaimed property directory and search for money registered to your name.

If you no longer reside in West Virginia and want to check if you have missing funds held by the state, you can use a free unclaimed money search site. When you search for these kinds of websites, you need to carefully read what they offer. There are many missing money websites that offer free services, but they are limited. Some of the services are provided for free, but most of them, such as unclaimed money searches, will cost you.

There are also free unclaimed money search websites that can help you track down West Virginia unclaimed property. This kind of free money search sites will not charge you for usage fees, but that is their biggest problem. Websites that do not charge users for any money do not have the financial resources to access all the public records. As a result, there is a big chance that you will not find missing money in West Virginia and other states, even if you have money owed to you.

Also, free money search sites lack the financial means to provide users with a customer support service and a security system.

West Virginia Unclaimed Property

Using a Professional Unclaimed Money Search Website

GoLookUp's unclaimed money search directory will help you find missing money in the state in a matter of minutes, so you can quickly start the reclaim process. If you want to search for West Virginia unclaimed property, all you have to do is enter your first name and last name into GoLookUp's missing money directory.

The search engine will then scan all the public records in West Virginia to track down lost money that belongs to you. The unlimited search service on GoLookUp allows you to search for unclaimed money registered to your name in other states other than West Virginia, or to search for missing money in other states for no extra fees.

Along with the 24/7 customer support service and security system, you can be certain that you will receive a full unclaimed money search service in West Virginia or any other public records search service you desire.

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Enter your name to start searching! 100% confidential! Updated on June 29, 2022
100 Million Records Available!