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The term Unclaimed Money has been floating around more than it used to, and for a good reason. In the past few years people have become more aware of their financial situation, and in many cases, they discovered there is money that is owed to them out there.

Finding these lost funds can take quite a while when going to different offices and organizations, but with GoLookUp you can search and find Unclaimed money within minutes, and find out how you can retrieve this.

What exactly is Unclaimed Money?

Along the years many people across the United States move from place to place, switch jobs and close bank accounts as a result. These changes lead to money accumulating in different places, and the people who earned the money are unaware of it. As a result, the money is essentially unclaimed, meaning the person it belongs to did not claim it.

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Where is my money tied up?

Unclaimed money, also known as Abandoned Money, accumulates over the years, and as of today there are nearly $60 billion that are unclaimed by their rightful owners. This money that has been left behind is tied up in the following places that are required by law to give it back to its rightful owners:

1. Life insurance policies
2. Pensions
3. Savings bonds (Only in the U.S)
4. State-held unclaimed property
5. Uncashed paychecks
6. Tax refunds

In addition, there is unclaimed money at the hands of states that are also required to return it to the person that it belongs to.

How do I find unclaimed money?

Finding unclaimed money requires looking into the different places listed above, and there is no need to say it is time consuming. In order to make the search faster and easier, GoLookUp has an unclaimed money search directory that can help users find unclaimed money that is owed to them.

The directory requires the first name, last name and state of residence of the person who is searching for unclaimed money. Once all theses details are entered into GoLookUp, its search engine goes through billions of public records and provides information about unclaimed money.

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For those who moves from state to state, GoLookUp provides unlimited searches to enable you to find money in each state you lived in. The unclaimed money search can also help you find money that belongs to relatives, living or deceased, in any state in the US.

Also, GoLookUp makes it easier to claim money back by providing the information and forms that are required to get the money that is rightfully yours.

With tens of billions of dollars being tied up in different places, there is a great chance that you left money behind without being aware of it. With GoLookUp you can search for unclaimed money that belongs to you or your relatives, and claim it back as soon as possible.

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Enter your name to start searching! 100% confidential! Updated on January 17, 2022
100 Million Records Available!