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Unclaimed Money Wyoming

The Wyoming State Treasurer Office, Department of Unclaimed property, is holding $70 million for residents of the state. Searching for the money can help you find out if you are entitled to Wyoming missing money, and you can perform the search in one of three online services.

Wyoming unclaimed funds belong not only to current residents of the state, and also people who lived there in the past. So, if you ever resided in Wyoming, if you are currently a resident of the state, or if you ever had a business in Wyoming, you are likely to be one of the people who is entitled to Wyoming unclaimed property.

Unclaimed Money Wyoming

What is Unclaimed Money?

Unclaimed money in Wyoming is collected in utility deposits, unpaid wages, insurance proceeds, securities, savings and checking accounts, and other places. Like many other states in the US, people in Wyoming leave money behind when they make certain changes in their lives. The lost money is transferred to the Wyoming state treasurer who holds it until the money's rightful owners claim it back.

According to the law in the country, missing money can only be used by its rightful owners, and the states who hold it cannot use it. By this law, if you are entitled to unclaimed property in Wyoming or any other state, you can claim it back at any time you desire.

Missing Money in Wyoming

The Wyoming State Treasurer Office, Department of Unclaimed property operates an online service that you can use to track down missing money that belongs to you. The Wyoming property search is based on the following parameters that you need to enter into the website's directory: last name or business name, first name, the city of residence, zip code, and property ID.

If you cannot find your Wyoming unclaimed property on the state's website, you can use a free unclaimed money search website that can search the money for you. Using free money search websites does not always guarantee results. What? Because websites that do not charge subscriber or using fees lack the money necessary to tap into all the public records in Wyoming or any other state.

Also, free money search websites do not have the financial means to provide their users with a security system to protect their personal data. Free money search sites also lack a customer support service to assist users with questions.

There is a second kind of free money search websites that advertise themselves as free, but charge users for fees. Free unclaimed money search websites of this kind will provide you a few search services for free, but you will have to pay them for advanced services, such as a Wyoming unclaimed money search.

Wyoming Unclaimed Property

Using a Professional Unclaimed Money Search Website

To gain access to all the public records in Wyoming, get around the clock customer support service, and be certain that all your data is safe, GoLookUp is the best unclaimed money search website for you.

When you enter your name into GoLookUp unclaimed money search directory, the system on the website will scan the public records in Wyoming to find the money that is owed to you. Thanks to the unlimited search service on the website, GoLookUp allows users to find money in states other than Wyoming, as well as search for money for relatives.

To make sure all your personal information is safe, GoLookUp operates a protection system for all users. Along with the 24/7 customer support service, you will be able to get help whenever you want to and find missing money that belongs to you and your family all across the US.  

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Enter your name to start searching! 100% confidential! Updated on June 29, 2022
100 Million Records Available!