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Unclaimed Money in the State of Wyoming

Every state in the USA holds unclaimed money, it may be in the form of Unclaimed cash or Unclaimed property. Wyoming state alone holds more than 70 million dollars. Also, Wyoming provides the opportunity to the state to claim the money by following the set of rules. Any individual who is willing to claim his share can do so by communicating the Wyoming State Treasure Office.

What Is Unclaimed Money?

Unclaimed money refers to the money that is not claimed by the owner. It may be deposits, wages, insurance amount, funds, stocks, dividends, safe deposit box contents, etc.

The Main Purpose of Unclaimed Money or Unclaimed Property Law

The main purpose of the law is to ensure that the owner receives the money owed to them. Also, it ensures money owned should not be with the government entities, financial institutions, business associations, and other entities.

How to Claim Unclaimed Money in the State of Wyoming: Follow These Steps

You can claim unclaimed money either online or by contacting the Treasure's Office at (307)777-5590. Each state has its own steps to follow

  • Once you find some unclaimed cash or money or property against your name claim it by providing proper documents. The documents may include address proof of id, proof of your claiming property.
  • Now, file the claim with proper documents to enclose.
  • Wait for your check or the property you need to get. It may take time and it may vary from state to state. You may need to wait for anywhere from one week to even months.

Wyoming Unclaimed Money
Wyoming Unclaimed Money

Wyoming is the last state in the US to adopt Unclaimed money or property law. All the Unclaimed money will hold in the Wyoming treasury office. AS per the Unclaimed property act, Wyoming must hold the property until the Unclaimed money reached to the right person.

What Does Wyoming Treasure Office Hold under Unclaimed Property?

It includes Wyoming unclaimed cash from savings accounts, un-redeemed money orders, insurance payments, Government unclaimed funds, deposit amounts, stocks, uncashed money orders, life insurance policies, utility security deposits, unclaimed assets, unused gift certificates, court deposits, lost cash dividends, mineral royalty payments.

Wyoming Unclaimed Money

Why Does the State Hold Any Money Owed to Me?

It is the responsibility of the state to hold the unclaimed money and ensure to return the money claimed. According to the law, it protects your unclaimed money or funds from returning back to the company. Also, if the state held the amount it will be easier to get back your lost or unclaimed money. Also, a few states take the responsibility of finding the heir of the property.

How to Search Unclaimed Money?

With the Unclaimed Money Search, you can obtain the lost and unclaimed money you can search the official website or contact the treasure office. Here, we provide the steps to search and claim the money.

  • Fill the details first name, last name, city, zip code, property ID and click on the search button.
  • The search result displays the matching details. It includes owner's name, co-owner name, holder name, last known address, amount and property ID.
  • Now, click on “claim” and view claimed the property.
  • Enter the claimant relationship and file claim.
  • Now provide complete contact information.
  • The last step is to submit the claimed property.
  • Finally, view the summary of claimed property.

Note: While searching for the Unclaimed money ensure that you search with different combinations of your name. As you may have some Unclaimed property or Unclaimed cash with your maiden name.

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Enter your name to start searching! 100% confidential! Updated on August 8, 2022
100 Million Records Available!