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 USA Trace Review: What You Need to Know About!

Usatrace Review: Get to Know and the Services it Provides!

Either you have just discovered that you can access to billions of public records online or you are used to using this service, it's not an easy affair to choose THE truthful website that will give you all information that you want while providing good customer service, particularly when it involves a subscription. We'll help you to see crystal-clear by reviewing and explaining to you how does this online service work. General Information and Numbers

Since 1997, USA Trace offers a large ray of online services. USA Trace described itself as a website dedicated to helping you find people and learn more about them in a safe and responsible manner. It started 20 years ago, enabling people to find others within the US, find lost friends and family as well as checking social security numbers or providing complete background checks. USA Trace can help you to get the most comprehensive background check, access to criminal records, marriage or divorce records, social security number check, helping individuals and companies to comb through billions of up-to-the-minute records.

According to USA Trace, 43 Billion of online public records are at your fingertips. Recently, USA Trace has developed a new partnership with in order to combine public records search engines with the USA Trace SSN Search and background check.

USA Trace Online Services provides various services and help you get more information about the people around you and your family or simply find back relatives. They are the following:

People search -
USA Trace provides a people search service that allows you to run a basic people search or a complete background check. It allows you to find information about old friends or lost relatives and access information that are not available by searching on a search engine such as Google. USA Trace search engine asks for a name and family name, as well as the last known city and state. You will then get phone numbers, current address, properties, bankruptcies, other contact info and more.

Criminal check

With you'll be able to get public records for anyone over 18 in the U.S. If you wonder if someone around you or your children have a criminal record, you can simply enter the name, city, and state of this person and you'll have a full report. You can also run an inmate search, the result will mention the name, age, registration number, sentencing and confinement data.

marriage records usatrace

Marriage & Divorce check

Do you wonder if your colleague is married? If a childhood or youth friend that you secretly love has found his/her half? Or simply do you suspect your new lover is hiding something? Marriage records are public, meaning that anyone can consult them. USATrace gathers all information so that you can run a marriage records search very easily and find if someone is married or not. You'll get a full historical marriage record instantly! You'll just have to provide a name and last known residence. It will also state divorce records.

Social Security Number search

Rather you want to check if a social security number is valid or trying to figure out what state it was issued in, a social security number will help you get all this information. Professionals can also have the desire to check if a candidate gave a valid social security number and more.

usatrace review

Background check

Many different reasons can lead us to the desire to run a background check. The one that comes first is security: for yourself and your family. With more and more sex-related crimes and the quite recent Megan's Law that makes information available to the public regarding registered sex offenders, you might want to check what's happening in your neighborhood, check the baby sitter, child caregiver, school teachers and kids playmates' families. You might also want to check who you're dating and allowing in your personal life. A background check will enable you to have all kinds of public (still well-hidden) information on anyone within the USA!

Finding people

Whether you want to find lost relatives or recently estranged family members, a people-finder website such as USA Trace will help you to find important information on your relatives, such as a current address or phone number. With very little information such as a name and a state they lived in, you can get a full report of information leading you back to that person. USA Trace has compiled and organized billions of public records in order to provide a simple and quick website to find people in the United States.

background check usatrace
Reverse Phone Lookup

Have you ever wondered where was this missed call from or who sent you a mysterious text the other day? Who is this phone number calling on your husband or daughter phone so often? A reverse phone lookup will help you get all the details related to this number within seconds: name, address, etc. USA Trace offers you the opportunity to conduct a reverse phone lookup as well. Prices offers you the opportunity to run a background check on yourself at no cost. If you want to run a background chek on others or any other kind of searches such as Social Security Number Search or Marriage Records, you can simply enter the name, make sure the information is available (such as on the picture below) and then select the full report option to receive information on membership.

Membership is starting at just $9.95 for unlimited background checks, people search and more. You can also be provided with special offers such as a free month and then a monthly subscription or a discount on the first month.
Whether you’re conducting a social security number search or simple address search, you’ll receive current address and phone number information, past addresses, criminal records, relatives/associates, marriage and divorce records and much more for as many people as you care to investigate. You can cancel anytime.

USATrace People Search

Usatrace Review – the Bottom Line

The bottom line of this people finder and background check service is that the website provides accurate and efficient results on any search and offers a Social Security Number search service which cannot be found everywhere. It also provides a variety of services: SSN Search, People Search, Reverse Phone Search, Background Check on others or on yourself so you can get much information in one place. The inconvenience of is that you will not get information on social media or you cannot operate an inmate search for example. 

A certain advantage is that the information provided is accurate as of the website, in partnership with People Finders, collects data from official sources. Another advantage is that you can cancel the subscription whenever you wish so and offers you to try the service for free with a first background check on yourself.

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