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Best Health Insurance Companies in Utah

by Peggy B.

Health Insurance Utah, Utah Health Insurance

What are the Best Health Insurance Options in Utah?

Health insurance saves our out of pocket costs during any medical emergencies. Health insurance may include coverage on medical expenses, losses from accidents, disability, sickness, injury, severe illness or disease, routine health check-up or accidental deaths. The premium amount paid by you and its benefits in return, however, on the insurance plan you choose which should be done wisely. Your plan should not only cover your need but also be affordable to you when it comes to cost sharing. The plan may be for an individual, family, small group or a business group with around 50 or more employees.

The insurance plans can be broadly categorized on a metal tier basis -

  • Gold plan where the premium amount is high and thus low out of pocket costs. It covers 80% of the medical expenses and offers the lowest deductible
  • Silver plans may vary from moderate to high price range, premium with moderate out of pocket costs and varying cost-sharing reduction subsidies. In this plan, 70 % medical cost is covered by the provider and rest 20 % may be contributed by you
  • Expanded bronze offers mid to low range out of pocket costs and moderate premium amount covering 65 % of the expenses and the rest 35 % cost is covered by you. The premium may be low but with high deductible and maximum out of pocket
  • A bronze plan comes up with 60 % coverage and the low premium amount and thus high out of pocket costs
Health Insurance Utah

Utah federal also provides insurance benefits to low income or no income individuals. Once you qualify for a subsidy, then some of your premium amounts will be paid by the government.

Further, the plan types may depend on your needs, lifestyle, and budget. Changing lifestyle and habits have to lead to an increase in health-related issue and thus regular and proper treatment, and diagnosis of any illness may be heavy for your pocket. Thus, a perfect and friendly insurance plan can help you protect you out of pocket expenses.

You can choose for plans as per the premium, subsidy eligibility, no or low deductibles and cost-sharing options available according to your requirements. The hospitalization network covered, which may be in network or out network, under the plan is also one of the important factors while choosing a health insurance plan suitable for you. The out network plans may come with high premium since specialist may be sought into such network by the insured. The Primary care network of Utah covers all the essential services administered by a primary care provider.

Utah Health Insurance

According to the Affordable Care Act also known as Obama Care act, the essential benefits are included in all of the plans available for individual, family or group, no matter what you choose.

Essential benefits include emergency services, ambulatory patient services, hospitalization, maternity and newborn care, prescription drugs, pediatric services including oral and vision care, laboratory services, mental health, and substance use disorder services, including behavioral health treatment, rehabilitative services and devices, preventive and wellness services and chronic disease management. Severe health risks are also included in some plans where your premium might be higher but still affordable if it is for the long run. Depending on the plan chosen and its benefits, the insurance may cover critical illness expenses, hospital expenses, surgical expenses, etc.

Some of the major health insurance providers in Utah are -

  • Altius health plans
  • Assurant health insurance
  • Humana health insurance
  • John Alden health insurance
  • Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Utah
  • Select health insurance
  • Time health insurance


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