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Zodiac Signs Virgo - What does your sign Mean

by Jessica V.

Zodiac Sign Virgo, Virgo, Virgo Zodiac Sign

Zodiac Signs - Virgo - What does your sign Mean

If you've come across a person who insists on handing out the exact change or following an instruction to the ‘T,' they are a Virgo. You can make all the fun you want about their precise nature, an unfazed Virgo will laugh with you because changing their nature is next to impossible. Virgos, pay surgical attention to details to help others because they are born to serve. Virgos, are at their best at work: they are precise, efficient, methodical and industrious. They will work for the greater good driven by a sense of duty. 

Virgo Zodiac Sign

Element, Symbol, Planet and Quality

Virgo is ruled by the element Earth. They are down to earth and grounded people. Virgo develops a strong will and prefers well-organized conservative things. Stepping out of the mental boundaries is impossible for a Virgo who's happiest staying within the organized life they've planned. An important clarification here is that boundaries set by a Virgo are personal and doesn't take into account the inputs of the societal norms.

The symbol representing Virgo is a Virgin, but not in the literal sense. Virgos are modest and humane like a Virgin, and at times even repressed. Virgos see nobility in a negative emotion such as repression. Remember, they are in it for the greater good.

Ruled by Mercury, Virgo is on the move, constantly. According to Roman mythology, Planet Mercury was a swift-footed god carrying abundant physical and mental energy. The brain of a Virgo is in the state of over-drive, most of the time. Taking a break is a ridiculous idea for a Virgo who’d rather get work done. 

Virgos are an asset at the workplace thanks to their observation power and giving nature. Assign a Virgo work and you are assured that they'll get it right the first time. An overdose of brain power makes a Virgo skeptical about everything.

virgo mercury
Virgo Man

A Virgo man is attracted not by looks but cleanliness. Where there is order, the heart of a Virgo man goes out. He doesn't jump into romance but eases in, taking his time. Don't expect a serious committed relationship with a Virgo man after a few dates. He will gauge his partner's commitment before making a move. When you make him a promise, you'd better deliver. He may put on a mask of coolness, but a Virgo man is brewing a storm. Inspiring a Virgo man is the key to his heart. A partner who reminds him of his talents and capability ends his quest for finding the right one to settle down with 

Virgo Woman

The only time a Virgo woman is scared is when she falls in love. She is enveloped in shyness and appreciates it when her partner makes the first move. She loves to feel feminine and attractive. She will only fall in love with someone who is more protective, more confident and stronger than her. She is oblivious to her sensuality making her more attractive to her partner. Pushing a Virgo woman into intimacy is the worst mistake; give her time and she will pour her love out. Marry a Virgo woman and you’re assured that your kids will be as spotless as your home. She is a fixer and her hand is seen at work in every corner of the house. The only downside of her nature is that she may unconsciously make her partner seem worthless and incompetent. Virgo woman frowns at adultery and her sense of loyalty won’t permit her to indulge in such acts. You can trust a Virgo woman with your life and she will not disappoint. 


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