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Walmart Background Check: How Long Does it Take and What Is it Exactly!

by Asher M.

Walmart Background Check, Background Check Walmart

Walmart Background Check

Walmart and Sam’s Club stores employ more than 2.2 million in over 5,000 stores across America. Walmart makes it a point to provide its customers with the best services, whether it's back-store assistance or the chain's customer support service. To make sure this happens, Walmart performs background checks on prospective employees.

The Walmart background check helps the retail giant to find out if the people were applying for jobs in one of its stores, and now you can learn more about the process and how to find out what the Walmart background check reveals about you.

Do Walmart Do Background Checks
Does Walmart Do Background Checks?

Many people wonder do Walmart do background checks, and the answer to this question is Yes. As part of its efforts to provide customers with a good shopping experience, as well as a safe shopping environment, the Walmart chain performed a background check on job applicants. Also, people often ask do Walmart do background checks on current employees, and the answer to this question is also YES.

Like many other employers in the country, Walmart makes sure all the data they have on employees is accurate. So, the Walmart chain occasionally performs background checks on people who are currently employed. Thanks to these checks, Walmart is able to provide a safe environment for employees, employers, and of course – the chain' customers. 

What Kind of Background Check Does Walmart Do?

To answer what kind of background check does Walmart do, you need to understand what is a background check; Background checks, in general, reveal if a certain person has any arrests in their past and if they have any criminal records. The same goes for Walmart background checks; the chain of stores performs check on potential employees to find out if they have any arrests or criminal convictions in their past.

Aside from Walmart background checks, the chain also performs similar checks on candidates who are applying for a job in Sam's Club warehouses. The purpose of these checks to find if candidates have told the truth in their CVs, meaning if there are any discrepancies between the job applications and the background check. So, the answer to what kind of background check does Walmart do is criminal background checks; if employers do not perform such checks and an employee hurts someone, they can be sued. To protect Walmart staff, Walmart and Walmart customers – the chain must perform such checks. In the past, the Walmart job application form contained questions about criminal records. These days this question no longer exists, but Walmart conducts a criminal background check after it receives applicants identifying details.

Walmart Background Check

How Long Does a Background Check Take for Walmart?

A background check can take quite a bit of time. The check requires Walmart to contact law enforcement agencies to find out if a certain person has any criminal records. The amount of time you will have to wait for a Walmart background check depends on how long law enforcement agencies take to check and find the records listed to your name.

Walmart interviews many people every day, so the waiting period for the background check report also depends on the size of the Walmart branch you interviewed for and the number of people who also interviewed at the same place. The average time for Walmart background checks is several weeks, and you can contact the branch you interviewed for if there are delays in the processing time.

Does Walmart Deny Candidates Based on Background Checks?

Like any other employer in the US, Walmart has a screening process and criteria for hiring or disqualifying candidates. There are employees at Walmart who have a criminal past, so a Walmart background check is not the only criteria for hiring employees.

The interview and background check process at Walmart help the chain to determine if you are qualified for a certain position at one of its stores. If you want to find out what the check results say about you, you can run a background check on yourself using GoLookUp's background check service.

Background Check Walmart

How to Run a Background Check on Yourself?

If Walmart or any other place requests to run a background check on you, you can find out exactly what they see on this public records check. GoLookUp provides an advanced background check on any person, and the results are provided to users within minutes.

If you want to run a background check on yourself, all you have to do is enter your name into GoLookUp's background check directory. Once you do, the search engine on the website will scan all the public records registered to your name, and provide you with a background check report.

The report will include your criminal records, arrest records, convictions, contact information, education, marital status, police records, and much more. The accurate and quick background check on GoLookUp allows you to see what Walmart and other potential employers see when they search for your name.

If you see any piece of information that is not true on your background check report, you can contact the authority that wrongfully writes it, and request a change.

A Walmart background check is one of the screening processes of the giant chain of stores, and you can find out what others see on these reports. By running a background check on yourself, you can find out what employers see when they search for your name, and in case there are any mistakes, you can request to correct them.


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