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How Does a Kentucky Warrant Search Work?

Warrants in the state of Kentucky range from Louisville to Lexington. So, if you commit a crime in Kentucky, or did not appear before the courts when you were supposed to, an arrest warrant can be issued which may send you to jail. However, if you want to search for Kentucky Warrant public records, the best place to look for them is the Internet. This is easier said than done as such warrants are hard to find with simple searches. When you do a search, there are many things that come up, which can lure you into clicking them. Having said that, here are a few tips on how you can do a Warrant search in the state of Kentucky.

Are Warrants Considered Public Records?

Whether a warrant, be it a search warrant or an arrest warrant, is a public record or not depends on the state as well as the court jurisdictions in that state. Warrants are usually processed under seal or in secrecy to prevent the person from whom the warrant is issued from wiping out the evidence. So, warrants are generally not accessible before they have been issued. Now, whether warrants are accessible after they have been issued or not depends on the courts. While the First Amendment does grant the public the right to access court records and documents, the right applies only to those who pass the ‘experience and logic’ test.

Kentucky Warrant Search

Who can Issue a Warrant in the State of Kentucky?

There are two kinds of legal warrants across the United States. The first one is called a search warrant and the second is called an arrest warrant. With the former, law enforcers can search your premises for any illegal items and take them into custody. While the latter allows law enforcement authorities to arrest or take into custody a specific individual suspected to have committed a crime. Before they can make the search or the arrest, police officials must knock at the door of the suspect. If they sense danger from inside, they are even authorized to break in or forcibly enter the premises.

Is there a Criminal Database for Warrants and Criminal Records in Kentucky?

Just like other states across the United States of America, the state of Kentucky also has specific websites for searching warrants and criminal records. The search engines of these websites have been designed for easy searching of warrants. They are classified state-wise as well as county-wise. Some of these websites offer warrant searches for free, while others require a nominal fee.

Warrant Search
Where Can I search for Kentucky Warrants using County Websites?

Besides the Kentucky warrant database, there are other ways to search for warrants in the state. One of these ways includes searching for active warrants. The Kentucky E-Warrant System has all the records of both search warrants and arrest warrants issued in the state of Kentucky. The public database also allows you to search for warrants issued for the most wanted criminals separately. Furthermore, the warrant searches are classified into state-level searches and county-level searches.

Thus, there are websites where you can search for legal warrants in the state of Kentucky for free, and there are other websites and databases where you may need to shell out a few bucks to search for them. Whatever the case may be, do know that all Kentucky warrants are public records and are accessible to anyone seeking them. Besides the online method, you can also contact your local sheriff’s office or your local police department to get information about legal warrants in the state of Kentucky.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
Sensitive Information!