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Washington Voting Registration Information and Registration Process

by Eddie V.

Register to Vote Washington, Washington Register to Vote

How to Register to Vote in Washington?

Eligibility to vote in Washington

To register to be a voter, you need to be eligible to vote. The following are the eligibility conditions in the State of Washington that you need to fulfill:

  • Should be a legal resident in the State of Washington. You should have established a residence in the state at least 30 days before the day of elections.
  • Should be a US citizen
  • Should be 18 years old by the date of the elections.
  • Should not have been disqualified by any court order.
  • Should not be under Department of corrections supervision for a Washington felony conviction.

Where to Register to vote in Washington?

In the state of Washington, you can register to vote in person at the local county election office. You need to visit the county election office and fill in and submit the application form and submit details of your state government ID as proof of residence. You can visit the county election office in the county you stay in.

The full list of county offices in Washington can be found here:

Register to Vote Washington

Registration deadline in Washington

You can register anytime you want. However, if you are registering before the election, you need to keep in mind that you must register eight days before the election. This is for registration done in person. For online and mail registrations, you need to complete the process 29 days before election day. Only then will you be eligible to vote. You will receive a notification of registration card. In case you do not accept, you need to contact the local County Elections office.

Party affiliation in Washington
While registering, you would be asked to record your party affiliation. If you mark the same, then you can vote in the party primaries, caucus, convention, etc. You can choose not to show affiliation, in which case you cannot participate in the principal of the party.


How to Register to vote in Washington?

Online registration
You can register online by visiting the website

While recording you need to provide your driving license number or any other government ID supplied by the state, which has your name and address. You must keep the driving license or state ID with you while doing the registration process.

Once you are finished with the online registration process, you will receive a notification card. If you do not get this card, you can verify online or contact the local board of elections.

Washington Register to Vote

In person
You can visit any of the county election offices for registration mentioned above and fill in the application. You need to fill the form and record all your details. Your residential address and the document you are showing as proof needs to be recorded.

By mail
You can also choose to submit the voter form by mail. In which case, you can download the form online from this link:

Once you download, take a print and fill the form. Make sure that no details are left out and also verify if the name and address you have recorded match the name and address on the motor vehicle records or your social security details.

On filling the form, you can send it by mail to the local voting office.

Once you hand in your voter form, you will get a notification card, and your registration is complete. You can vote at the next elections.


  • Make sure you enter the correct details; else you are liable for action under the law.
  • Make sure you submit the registration form on the deadline date, which is 29 days before voting day or 8 days (if you file in person at the county election office).


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