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The Best Places to Watch Anime Online

by Kyle B.

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Best Places to Watch Anime Online?

Watching anime is like a burst of fresh air, with bright colors, frantic action, the whackiest comedy and immersive drama all in one. Anime are Japanese animated productions that feature hard draw or digitally generated characters. It is a unique source of entertainment that caters to all age groups with their fascinating and relatable plots that keep viewers hooked. In recent years, anime is created not only in Japan but all over the world, with an essentially Japanese influence.  From the historical Naruto, Dragonball Z and so on, streaming them online has become a lot easier in the recent past.

1. GoGo Anime

It is available worldwide and dedicates its services for all anime lovers. GoGo anime provides a lot of content from the Manga series to anime movies. They also provide an app to stream this site on mobile devices.

2. Anime Freak

Anime Freak does have a disorganized display, but it provides all the latest episodes and exclusive content. It is easily accessible and all you have to do is type in the name of the anime you want to watch and use the search button. It provides both subbed and dubbed anime versions.

3. AnimeSeason

The website contains embedded video players that allow users to watch anime episodes with subtitles. It is a polished and well-organized site.


It is a popular site that die-hard anime fans use to stream anime online. has a variety of anime that includes subbed as well as dubbed videos and is considered one of the best sites. It is a go-to site for anime that is subbed. It is an HTTPS secured site.


Also one of the more popular anime websites in the world. The site has an unmatched content variety and provides high-quality videos. It uses JavaScript and does not work with mini browsers. Users do not need to sign in or provide personal information to watch Anime. It has an attractive site design with vibrant colors.


This site is one of the newer ones, but it has proven to be one of the best sites to watch anime online for free. English subbed and dubbed versions are available on this site. The user interface is of high-quality, and you can find almost every Anime on this site. Users can chat with each other with an embedded chat system on the site. Multiple mirrors are available for every anime listed on the site. It makes it easy for users to check out trending Anime as well.


It has a sophisticated an well-designed site that has a clean interface and provides easy access. It provides a page with useful information when you click on an Anime title, like its release date, genre, number of episodes, ratings and summary. You can watch the show on the site in HD. It provides English subtitles and dubbing. There are a few unnoticeable ads on this site even though it is a free site.


Chia-anime is another favorite and free anime streaming site. It provides popular series like One Piece, Naruto Shippuden, Gintama, Bleach, Fairytale and so on. It isn't a polished website. However, it is quite easy to figure out how to search and find the shows you are looking for. The thumbnails provide enough information to check whether it is subbed or dubbed.


One of the more popular sites where you can stream anime in English, online. It provides complete series in High Definition. It has a modern user interface that is easily accessible to search for desired anime.

Go ahead and watch your favorite anime!


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