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Advanced Search Options You Need to Know

by Garry S.

Advanced Search Options, What Are Advanced Search Options

What are Advanced Search options?

The Advanced Search Options comprise a set of extremely useful features present in a majority of search engines and also search tools on the Web. The Advanced Search option provides you with the ability to funnel your searches by some different filters, including language, domain, and proximity among many others.

Common options in Advanced Search

Most of us make use of a few Advanced Search options. The most common is the Language option. You can specify the language you would want your results to be. The region is important too. Command your search engine to focus on a particular region. The algorithms would then concentrate on a particular geographical area.

Another Advanced Search option is the Last updated date. This signified when the article was last updated. Current content serves pertinent information, and older content loses its value after a few days depending on the subject. Site or Domain is also an important option in Advanced Search. You can restrict yourself to only one site or searches to a single top-level domain. This enables you to narrow down the search field and thus enjoy premium quality results.

Advanced Search Options

The Advanced Search options allow you to specify where on the page the search terms will be seen. You can specify to find all over the page or adjacent to each other. It makes a real difference. You can avoid the worst of the web by doing a Safe Search. This will filter explicit content, so they do not reach you. Using Safe Search also protects you from viruses and related malware.

The Advanced Search options help you to specify the reading level. You can also specify the file type. It is possible for you to search among only standard HTML files or PDF files. You can ferret through MS Word documents among others. Many people use the Advanced Search option to whisk out usage rights.

Since Google is the most used search engine, it is possible to increase search accuracy by the addition of a few operators which fine-tunes the keywords. The options could be typed or tapped directly into the search box provided by the Google search engine.

Search “+”

The Google search engine ignores common characters and words like "is" and "and." It also tends to ignore single letters and single digits. In case a common word is a must to get the needed results, then include the same by placing a "+" sign in front. To give an example "King Charles +1".

What Are Advanced Search Options

Search “-”

There are times when the word you search for has multiple meanings. To give an example, the word “address” means speech and property location. If you do not want the results to reflect speech, use “-” to filter it out. To give an example, tap in “address-speech.”

Search “OR”

This Advanced Search term is used to include multiple words which are linked to the principal search keyword. You should use the uppercase “OR” between the terms. To give an example, if you wish to search for a job in either San Francisco or New York, type “IT jobs New York OR San Francisco.”

Phrase searches

You can search for complete phrases by putting them inside quotation marks. Double quotes enclosed words appear together.  One example of this search is "A stitch in time." This advanced search option is suitable for finding the proper names of famous quotes.

You can do a category search in the Google search engine. Navigate to the Google Web Directory if you are unsure about the terms you should use. The directory will eliminate all unwanted results from the search.


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