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What are Electric Bicycles: How Electric Bicycles Changed Our Lives!

by Nicky E.

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What are Electric Bicycles?

An electric bicycle or eBike is a bicycle fitted with an electric motor which provides the rider much-needed pedal assistance. This vehicle has the same features as a normal pushbike. The added bonus is electric assistance when the rider wants it.

The number of electric bicycles on the road is extremely small when compared to the standard bicycle numbers. Those who use it generally do for both work-office commuting and recreational use. Only two kinds of electric bicycles are street legal in countries around the world.

Pedelec or pedal assistance

The motor of these electric bicycles kicks in only when you pedal. The motor helps the rider to attain a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour. To travel faster, you have to pedal vigorously. The display panel can be altered to suit contemporary riding conditions. Most riders choose electric assistance when they ride uphill and cuts the current when rolling down from an elevation. The power can be cut if you simply stop pedaling. Braking also cuts power.

Throttle and battery

Electric bicycles with a throttle mean the rider can utilize the electric motor to ride sans any physical effort. There is no requirement for the rider to pedal the bike. The throttle is located on handlebars. It has 200 watts maximum power. Modern electric bicycles are powered by a lithium, long-lasting battery. These batteries can be charged from any regular domestic power outlet. The distance a rider can travel depends on the battery being completely charged or not, the riding conditions and the assistance level.

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Any electric bicycle has four basic parts: the batteries, motor, brakes, and the frame including spokes.


This is the most important component of the electric bicycle. It contains all the power needed to push the bike. A standard electric bike battery makes approximately 500W power. Lithium-ion batteries are preferred as they are lightweight. These batteries are expensive compared to older, rechargeable batteries like the nickel-cadmium ones. A standard battery provides a range which could be any distance from a minimum of 10 miles to a maximum of 40 miles in-between charges. The bike can reach a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. The speed or range can be extended by pedaling.

Electric motor

A majority of electric bikes have compact motors powered by electricity in-built to the hub of the front or back wheel. It could also be center-mounted and connected to pedal-sprocket. This is the reason who an electric bicycle is chubbier than a normal bicycle.


An electric bike frame is a little different compared to the normal pedal bike. The principal component of the frame, which supports the rider, is made from aluminum alloy, a lightweight metal. Lighter frames translate into lighter bikes. It means that the bike can travel further distances before the batteries need to be recharged. The wheel spokes of the electric bicycle are also much stronger than the standard bicycle. This is as the hub's electric motor spins the wheel using substantial torque or turning force. Lightweight spokes will buckle or bend.

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A few electric bicycles claim to have regenerative braking. This springs into action when you pedal the bicycle or begin to roll downhill. The spinning wheels turn the hub's electric motor in reverse. This charges up the batteries. For all practical purposes, regenerative technology in an electric bicycle does not help as much as it assists an electric car or train. Am eBike has less mass and also velocity compared to a car or train. It rarely loses or gains much kinetic energy when it stops and then starts.

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