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Federal Labor Laws: Know Your Work Rights!

by Keren P.

Federal Labor Laws, What Are Federal Labor Laws

What Are Federal Labor Laws?

Every country has their own set of rules and regulations to ensure that law and order are in place. Federal Labor Laws are contracts of employment to ensure that employees are provided with the best terms and conditions while employed. Federal labor laws provide labor unions with the bargaining power for every employee to make sure that unfair practices are not followed. In the United States, the federal labor law is created to ensure that there is no disparity between employee and employer.

Simple Detailing on the Labor Law

The 20th century improved the fabric of the socio-economic status of employees. Labor laws are created so that employees are not mandated to work more than 40 hours per week. If there is an increase in the volume of work where the employee works longer hours s/he is entitled to receive overtime pay package. Using this as a way forward, for the business employers offer this option. It works as a win-win where the employer gets the work completed in time and employees that work extra hours get paid adequately. 

Federal Labor Laws

The FLSA Act

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a federal labor law that ensures minimum wage is provided to employees irrespective if they are full-time or part-time workers. Records are maintained of every employee in the federal state, local government and private sector taking into account the duration of work, age, qualifications, et al.

Every employer must ensure that the practice of child labor is not prevalent or they will not be able to continue running an establishment. Under no circumstance can underage workers be permitted to work, when s/he should be in school. According to FLSA standards, every employee is expected to punch in their attendance so that no one is shortchanged.


The Viability Angle

The human resource department ascertains as to who is eligible to be a part of the federal labor law. The criteria taken into account by the Department of Labor is based on positions available in the firm/government entity. Based on federal labor laws, the human department will ascertain whether employees are entitled to an overtime option or not. The state HR determines whether this is viable or not. In case of a firm not following the Fair Labor Standards Act, an employee can seek the expertise of a qualified legal expert to ensure that s/he is not shafted because of myriad reasons that fall within the ambit of the law.

What Are Federal Labor Laws

Taking Care of Workers

Many workers that are in lower scales of employment work crazed hours. That is why labor laws are established to ensure that they are treated fairly. Firms may establish that certain employees in the company do not fall into the category for minimum or overtime wages.

The roles and responsibilities must be detailed at the get. For instance, the executive cadre, professionals, technical and software experts, consultants and other staff do not fall under the category of the federal labor law. The lower rung and the junior cadre that pitches in considerable time must be ensured that they get their basic wage as well as the overtime. One cannot discount the fact that even senior management do clock longer hours, based on the rule of the firm, overtime can be extended to them as well. 

In a Nutshell

Federal Labor Law Act does not include issues like paid leave, holidays or medical expenses. That is another department entirely, but employers are encouraged that they do the right thing. Federal Labor Laws are created so that every worker is provided with her/his fair share of a basic wage and overtime pay. The objective to create labor laws is to ensure that the employer and employee are in tandem with the framework of the law. It ensures a win-win and works well for the employee on a wage.


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