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What Are Lucid Dreams?

by Laurein A.

What Are Lucid Dreams, Lucid Dreams Definition

Lucid Dreams Definition and Meaning

Lucid dreams definition defines lucid dreams as dreams where we, the dreamer, are aware of the act of dreaming and the unreality of what we see/experience. The earliest record of lucid dreams we have, is by Greek philosopher Aristotle, in his treatise “On Dreams”. In it, he describes what is a lucid dream i.e. the sleeper is aware of his sleep state while sleeping, and envisions something which he knows to not be real. Lucid dreams, research has found, may actually be more commonplace than we know.

Lucid Dreams

How to Lucid Dream?

Lucid dreams usually occur during the Rapid Eye Movement Stage(REM) of sleep. While some people experience these dreams spontaneously, others train themselves on how to lucid dream. Even when an individual trains themselves on how to lucid dream, their success in lucid dreaming depends on how they react to being conscious while dreaming.

Some people wake up almost instantaneously when they realize they are dreaming but somehow in their senses. Individuals more aware of what is a lucid dream and how it works are able to influence their actions within the dream and sometimes, even portions of the dream itself. When you learn how to lucid dream, you can manage the occurrence of nightmares and unwanted dreams.

There are certain ways you can improve your lucid dream occurrence, these are:

  • By trying to achieve more REM sleep – Dreaming usually happens in this sleep state, so experiencing more REM state of sleep will improve your chances of lucid dreaming. In order to extend your REM sleep state, try to get enough sleep overall, so you have enough time to cycle through all the 4 different sleep stages.
  • Keep a dream journal – Noting down your dreams in a dream journal will help you recall them better later. When you are able to recall your dreams, you become more aware when your brain recognizes these signs in your other dreams. Your brain wakes you up, as you gradually grow more aware and conscious within the dream.

There are several other ways in which you can call forth, what is a lucid dream but try the above methods, to begin with. You can experiment with the others later.

The Meaning of Lucid Dreaming

You can try to arrive at the meaning of lucid dreaming, the same way you do for regular dreaming. Many scientists and researchers have attributed the meaning of lucid dreaming to stretch beyond the definition of the lucid dream. They believe lucid dreams are a state between sleep and wakefulness. The lucid dreams definition and its characteristics have undergone change over the years, but to this date, the meaning of lucid dreaming is to experience consciousness during a dream and then be able to remember this dream on waking up.

The Meaning of Lucid Dreaming

How to understand What is a Lucid Dream better?

One can understand, the lucid dreams define better by watching the Hollywood movie – Inception. Directed by Christopher Nolan, the movie depicts how a lucid dreamer can change the entire architecture of his/her dreams. Nolan’s movie is one of the best depictions of lucid dreaming in mass media. An ordinary individual may find it difficult to understand the concept of lucid dreaming and this is where movies like “Inception” help.

Lucid dreams are associated with enhanced creativity and motor skills. Besides relieving anxiety and minimizing the number of nightmares one is subject to, lucid dreaming can improve your creative ability and your physical movements. However, lucid dreaming is not recommended very frequently as it can encourage the dreamer to lose touch with reality and experience dissociation or Derealization. It can also interfere with the amount of sleep one gets.


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