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What Causes People to Cheat?

by Kourtney C.

What Causes People to Cheat, Causes People to Cheat

What Causes Cheating on Partners

Instances of people cheating in a marriage or a relationship are not uncommon. The divorce rates are on an all-time high and one of the major reasons cited for divorce is infidelity or unfaithfulness. The rise in the number of cheating couples forces us to question what causes people to cheat. Here we take a look at the top reasons why people cheat on their spouse or partner.

1. Lack of Emotional Support in the Marriage

The need for emotional intimacy in a marriage cannot be emphasized enough. When a person feels that he or she is not receiving the much needed emotional support from his or her partner, they often tend to look for this sort of support externally. People often tend to get attached to those who connect with them emotionally. Finding this sort of a connection outside marriage can often be one of the reasons for cheating.

2. Not Being in Love with Your Spouse

As much as we would like to believe in a happily ever after, sometimes it becomes difficult for two people to stay in love ‘till death do them part’. Falling out of love with your partner will most likely lead to you eventually cheating. Quite a few couples stay together even though they are aware that they are not in love with each other anymore. Living in a loveless marriage will most likely cause you to find love elsewhere, ultimately leading to you cheating on your spouse.

What Causes People to Cheat

3. Lack of Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy is essential to keep a couple together and in love. When one spouse feels that he or she is not getting the amount of physical intimacy that he or she craves, they will end up looking for this sort of closeness with another person. Sometimes it isn’t even the complete lack of physical intimacy that leads to cheating. Some times, people long for more, and when their needs are not met by their spouse, they end up cheating to gratify their need of intimacy.

4. Not Being Heard

Although not often discussed as one of the top reasons why people cheat, not being heard can lead to many problems in a marriage. When a person feels like he or she is not being heard and given importance, they tend to shut themselves up. This often leads to a total lack of communication among the couple. When the person finds someone else who listens to him or her and makes them feel validated, they most often end up becoming cheaters.

 Causes People to Cheat

5. Seeking Revenge

A major aspect when it comes to what makes people cheat, seeking revenge has caused families to fall apart. When one spouse cheats on the other, the other spouse also cheats in order to punish the cheater. The cycle of revenge can cause unimaginable harm to both the spouses as well as they love interests out of the marriage.

6. Feeling Lonely

Loneliness can push people to do the unthinkable at times. The absence of your partner, sometimes even while he or she is sitting right next to you, can cause you to feel as if you are all on your own. In such cases, when you meet someone who talks to you, it gets rid of your loneliness for a while. Before you know it, the loneliness of your marriage has caused you to fall for another person and in no time, you are a cheater.

Making a marriage work is difficult and takes endless effort. The reasons for cheating are many. But if two people want to make a marriage work, it is still possible to make amends and start afresh.


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