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What Comes Up on a Background Check Report? We Explain

by Maria D.

What Comes Up on a Background Check

Background Check: What Information Does it Provide?

When most of us think of a background check, we think about a criminal records check. It's true that a background check provides information about people's criminal records, but it can do much more than that; nowadays, you can check people's background to see if they were honest with you, or if they are hiding information you should know about.

Traditional Background Checks in the U.S.

The United States, like a lot of other countries around the globe, has background checks that help employers learn the truth about prospective employers. There are many times when people do not tell the truth about their work experience and their education in hopes they can full employers to hire them. Also, there are people who are not upfront about their criminal past. Under U.S. laws, employers are required to perform a background check on prospective employees to make sure they told the truth in their resumes. The purpose of this law is to make sure the employers, their employees, and customers are all safe. To do so, an employee background check includes a question regarding criminal records; in the background check form, job candidates are required to mention if they have a criminal record.

Once they complete the form, employers submit it to a third-party company that performs such check. In most cases, the companies that perform background checks will report back to the employers to let them know if the job candidates have a criminal record, let the employers know about the candidates' education, and previous work experience. While criminal checks are an important part of background checks, employers are not allowed to disqualify people who have a criminal past. Aside from employers, residents of the U.S. can perform background checks on people who reside in the country.

What Comes Up on a Background Check

What Comes Up in a Background Check?

Background check conducted by people who are not employers have a lot in common with traditional background checks; in both cases, a check into a person's past can reveal if they have a criminal record. Aside from this information, there are other details that come up when performing a background check:

  • Full name – first name, middle name, last name
  • Aliases – any known aliases
  • Contact information – phone numbers, addresses, email, etc.
  • Social media information – social media accounts
  • Arrest records – associated arrest records
  • Sex offenses – sex offenses the person in question committed (if any) and sex offender registries
  • Mugshots – police photos of the person in question (this will be classified in some cases)
  • Criminal records – any associated criminal records
  • Birth records – reveal the age and birth info of the person in question
  • Marriage records – reveal if the person in question is married/ever was married
  • Divorce records – reveal if the person in question has gone through a divorce
Background Check

Why Do I Need to Perform a Background Check?

A background check can reveal all of the information listed above, and much more. You can perform the check on yourself and on other people in your life. If you perform a background check on yourself, you will be able to find out if there are inaccuracies in your reports. If, for instance, there are arrest records in your name even though you have never been arrested, a background check can help you find out the mistake. This is extremely important, especially if you are applying for a job; if you state that you do not have a criminal record and your employers discover otherwise, you might lose a job. If you find out there are mistakes in your records check, you can ask to dix them.

With background checks on other people, you can find accurate information you will not be able to find anywhere else. When you run this type of check on people you do not know very well, you will be able to discover if they lied about their name, their identity, their marriage status, their criminal past, and much more. So, the information in background checks can help you learn more about your neighbors, people in your children's lives, new friends, colleagues, people you met in online dating websites and much more. The data you get will help you protect yourself, as well as your loved ones.

free Background Check

How to Perform a Background Check?

A background check is performed by scanning public records; these records are official records gathered by authorities in the U.S., which makes them accurate. Nowadays, you can perform a free background check on a free website that scans public records, but you might not get all the information you need. Why? Because free background check websites do not require users to pay any usage fees whatsoever. The lack of fees makes it impossible for free websites to get access to all the necessary public records.

So, to get full data about the people in your life, you need to use a professional background check service, like the one available on GoLookUp; to perform such a check, you will need to provide the full name of the person you are searching, as well as their state of residence. After GoLookUp has the name of the individual, it will begin to scan public records in search of public records data about the said person. The check ends in a matter of minutes, and you will receive a report about the person you are searching. The report will include all the information listed above and much more, so you will be able to learn the whole truth about the person you are searching.

Background checks are the best way to learn the truth about people, and they can help you protect yourself. With a professional service, you will get only accurate public records data, and whatever comes up in these checks will help you make better decisions about certain people.


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