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What Does It Really Mean to Love?

by Laurein A.

What Does It Really Mean to Love, The Meaning of Love

What Does It Mean to Love Someone

You have met an amazing person who makes you feel great. They are the reason for all your happiness. You are truly happy in this relationship. You think this is it, you are in love. There are butterflies in your stomach before you first go to meet them. They are always in your mind and you cannot stop thinking about them. Is that really true or is it just the honeymoon phase at the beginning of a relationship.

What does being In Love mean to you?

When someone is in love the relationship becomes much more than mere physical attraction. People in love are involved in an emotional, psychological and physical level. There can be an attraction, at first sight, there cannot be true love at first sight. Love only grows through intimacy. And for intimacy to grow, there should be a vulnerability. When you can be completely vulnerable in front of your partner, only then are you completely in love.

What Does It Really Mean to Love
Love is a lot more than the romantic idea of being in love. Love in the true sense means a total commitment to each other.  A working love relationship requires constant work and effort. You need to appreciate and express your love.

Being in love means wanting the happiness of your partner more than you. When you can put your partner’s need before yourself, then you are in love. There can be a disbalance if one partner is putting all the efforts and the other is not prioritizing the other person’s needs. If one partner starts to take the other’s love and care for granted, then the relationship can never be an equal one. Two individuals should give equal thought and effort to keep their love and partner happy. It also does not mean it is the responsibility of your partner to keep you happy and satisfied in your life.

What Does It Mean to Love Someone?

When you love someone you need to accept them as who they are, and not who you want them to be. Many women have this problem of believing that if they love someone, then their love will change the man to be something that they want. Love does not work that way. When you love someone you love their bed qualities as well as their good ones. No one and nothing can change the true nature of any person. If you know that your boyfriend is cheating on you or is abusive, you cannot expect your love will change that.  Those decisions are due to their own character, nothing you can do makes a difference.

The Meaning of Love
The feeling of being in love makes you want to be a better person for them. When someone loves you then you want to do the best for them as well. However, the person is they try to become better to keep their partner happy and express their love. For instance, you will often find young men when in love become more responsible. When they find someone who they want to spend the rest of their life with they start to plan accordingly. He works hard to have a more secure future for both of them. He will not hesitate to include her name when he is talking about the future and does not shy away from introducing her, with his family and friends.

People who are in love become more generous, compassionate, and caring for the needs of their partner. There is passionate lovemaking but also there is peace in your life. When you know this is who you are supposed to be, you can be sure you are in love.


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