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What Does Lack of Jealousy Mean?

by Laurein A.

What Does Lack of Jealousy Mean, Lack of Jealousy Meaning

 Lack of Jealousy in Relationship - What Does It Mean?

You might be surprised to know that it is not that uncommon among people. Some people are genuinely not jealous of their partners. Now, some partners are understanding about it and some partners want to discover why.

Is Lack of Jealousy Lack of Caring?

Some people assume if the partner does not care enough to be jealous then they surely do not care enough about the relationship. This is not always the case. There are some ways that we ascertain and prove our love. Some people notice, how much their partner cares, listens or are possessive of them. There are girls who actually test the love of their boyfriend by looking at how jealous they can make them if they hang out or pay attention to other men.

While the amount of caring or communication can be a measure of love, the amount of jealousy and possessiveness should never be a measure for love. People who themselves are possessive and jealous may have a difficult time understanding this concept.

Lack of Jealousy
Why is it good Not to be Jealous?

You have to remember jealousy in itself is a negative thing. Why would you want any kind of negative energy to enter your relationship? Do not wish for added negativity in your life. You have to understand that the other end of the spectrum is far worse than this.

Imagine your partner is actually jealous. Their behavior will change completely, they will want to keep you all to themselves. Typically jealous people are extraordinarily possessive about their partners. Imagine you have to answer every time you go out with your friends or colleagues. There is mistrust, quarrel, and frustration in your relationship.

When the partner is jealous, it means that they cannot trust you to be emotionally or physically faithful and in some cases both. Jealous people are paranoid and suspicious people. Even if you are having a friendly relation with someone, they might still have a problem with that.

A jealous person would like to isolate you from all your family and friends until all your sense of self depends only on that one person. They want to be the sun in your life, they wish that your life revolves only around them, and they are your primary source of happiness. This is a highly unhealthy habit. Individuals in a relationship should never only interact with their partner. One person cannot be the source of all your happiness or sorrow.

Lack of Jealousy in Relationship

Why is your Partner not Jealous?

The people who never feel jealousy are rare to find, in our day to day lives. But such people actually exist. Have you ever met a guy who does not have any problems hanging out with other men? Or have you met many women who do not get bothered when her boyfriend has night outs in a girl’s house?

The society has wired our minds in such a way that we cannot trust our partners. Most people will tell you if the girlfriend lets her boyfriend stay or go out with other girls, then she must not really love him. That is not true at all. It may be that the girl actually trusts the guy enough to believe that he will never betray her trust.

People who are typically not jealous are open-minded and trusting people. If your partner does not get jealous, it can mean that they respect you and trust you enough to give you your own freedom. Jealousy has never stopped anyone from cheating on their partner. Jealousy adds negativity and mistrust in the relationship, which weakens the bond. If you are not always suspicious and jealous, your partner will love you and appreciate you more.


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