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Facebook Search - What Information Facebook Has on You?

by Rachel M.

What Does Facebook Know About Me? The Answers Will Shock You

It is no secret that Facebook has information about its users; after all, they are the ones who provide the data. Generally speaking, Facebook gathers information from your profile. From the profile, it knows the names, browsing data, social media connections, political views, and additional details that users provide. but, is that all? The answer is NO. Facebook has much more information about you than you know, and the following are just some of the details the social media juggernaut has about its users.

What Does Facebook Know About Me?

If you are asking yourself this question, you should have the answers:

 Your finances and transactions

If you have ever used Facebook for financial transactions, the website has your financial data. Game purchases and donations provide Facebook with such data, and no one can use it, aside from you. When you perform financial transactions from Facebook, you use your account details, credit card details, shipping information, and more. The data can be used to make conclusions about you, which Facebook then uses for characterizations. Along with other data, Facebook compiles a profile of its users and targets them for ads.

What Information Facebook Has on You
Your location

If you thought that Google is the only one that gathers GPS data, you were wrong. Most Facebook users (80%) log into their accounts from their smartphones. When doing so, Facebook receives data about its users' whereabouts. So, it knows where you are at any given time. Aside from ads, Facebook uses location data to provide users with recommendations on places around them. While t can come in handy, not everyone wants to be kept watch wherever they are.

Your technical data

Do you know everything about your devices? Well, Facebook does. Along with the metadata that Facebook collects about its users, it also tracks and keeps technical data. What does that include?

  • Your phone's brand
  • The apps you have installed on your phone
  • Your operating system
  • Wi-Fi access point signals
  • Stored cookies
  • Device IDs
  • Bluetooth and cell tower signals

Id that's not enough, Facebook also gathers information about your time zone, language, internet speed, IP address, devices that are connected to your network, and more. What does that mean? That Facebook can collect data from your devices not only about you but about the people that surround you. Your actions are also noted by the app: everything you do on the app is registered to target you for ads. But there's also a protective element with this type of data collection: when Facebook tracks your moves, it can distinguish between you and bots, and warn you against suspicious activity.

Facebook Search
Your friends' data

To build the most comprehensive profile of its users, Facebook collects data from the users themselves and their friends and partners on the website. When your friends post photos of you, mention you in groups, mention you in posts, send you messages, and interact with you in any other way – Facebook registers their actions.

Facebook also has "friends" and partners, like Instagram, that share data with the social media giant. Companies that collaborate with Facebook provide it with data about their users, and vice versa. Based on all the information that is gathered about you, Facebook and its partners can study you and your habits to build a comprehensive profile of you. As a result, you will be targeted for ads and brands that match your behavioral profile.

How to See Your Facebook Data?

Facebook does not hide the fact that it collects user data. For full transparency and in the interest of full disclosure, Facebook lets its users view and download the information that is collected about them.

If you want to view your Facebook data, here is what you need to do:

1. Log into your Facebook account (preferably from your laptop or PC). Click on the arrow located at the top right side of the screen.

How to View Your Facebook Data
2. Go to your Facebook settings. Choose "Settings and Privacy".

How to View Your Facebook Data

3. Click on “Settings”.
How to View Your Facebook Data

4. On the left side of the menu, click on “Your Facebook Information”.

How to View Your Facebook Data

5. Then, you will see several categories of data. You can choose the one you want and click on "View" to see the information the chosen category contains.

How to View Your Facebook Data

If you want to download the data, repeat steps 1-4. Then, click on "Download Your Information". This screen that will appear:

How to View Your Facebook Data

You can choose the time range of the data and the format in which you want to receive the information.

How to View Your Facebook Data
Click on "Create File". The download time depends on the chosen time range and the amount of data, so be patient.

How to View Your Facebook Data
You will receive a notification from Facebook. You need to follow the instructions and re-enter your password. Download the file (zip), and there you have it – all the data Facebook collected about you.


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