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What is 1 Password: Why Should You Use It!

by Andy A.

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What is 1Password App? And Why You Should Use it!

All of us have too many usernames and passwords for various apps, sites, and services we use online. Unfortunately, they usually unlock confidential and private information often with social security numbers and credit card numbers inside. This is something that you can never take lightly. You need one trusted source to handle and manage all these passwords for you. And that is what 1Password does for you. Though there are similar password manager apps, 1Password is the one that is trustworthy and endorsed.


The concept behind 1 Password app is that you must remember only one login and one password for everything. Once you are in the app’s ecosystem, all your usernames and passwords are saved and are easily found. You might create completely random passwords for each of your services, apps or websites you use, and 1Password will log you in automatically. Once you get into the hang of it, this app will change your digital life.

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Let us see how it works and why you should use it.

Download the app from the Mac App Store. Create an account and eventually link it with the online file storage device Dropbox. Sync your data between all the devices you use. This is where you choose that one master password to rule all your passwords. It is accessible and unlocks your confidential world both on desktop and mobile. Don’t forget just this one password.

Once you are done, it brings you to a dashboard which stores all your login information. Here you can use and manage all the usernames and passwords that you have saved. The paid version even lets you store credit card information, bank account information, IDs etc. 

You can create and manage them easily with the help of browser extension. The app provides extensions for Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox. Every time you need to input your login information on any website, you can click this handy extension. It automatically fills in the required fields with your login information. The extension is a hub for your entire password experience. From the drop-down menu, you can view login information, copy and paste passwords, and create new passwords for all the sites you use. 

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It also gives you a great experience on mobile devices. You can use your fingerprint to replace that one password if your device supports fingerprint recognition. 

Even in the mobile app, you get the same list of logins on your desktop app. You can copy and paste from here as well. It might seem slightly tedious on the mobile app to get into the app, copy a password, navigate back to the app, and paste it. Fortunately, 1Password is an upcoming brand and many apps are trying to build integration. 

If you are an iPhone user and use the Safari browser, you can make 1Password appear in the “share” screen, so you can input login information even on mobile websites. 

1Password icon should be visible easily. For this, press “More” on the share screen above. You can see the toggle option on the screen, where you can move 1Password up or down the list order. 

With password managers like 1Password, you need not go through the “forgot password” process on every site you use. All your data is protected behind your Master Password, which only you know. Its strong AES-256 encryption protects your sensitive information at all times. It also protects your data while you travel, once you enable “Travel Mode” on your account. The Watchtower prevents security breaches and security vulnerabilities.

Use 1Password for everything and live in peace!!

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