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What Is a Fetish? We Explain the Meaning of Having a Fetish

by Alvin V.

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What Does it Mean to Have a Fetish?

 Sex is a very common biological urge that almost every living thing on the planet has. It is a healthy and natural activity and means different things to different people. Sex has a different kind of effect on the mind and body; to some, it is pleasurable, while to others, sex might not feel good. There are different components of sex that gives pleasure to different people. One such component is a fetish!

What Is a Fetish?

Have you heard of fetish? What is a fetish? What is fetish about? A fetish is simply a sexual fixation on a non-genital body part or non-living object. The object of interest is called a fetish. Fetish is simply termed as a nonpathological aid to sexual excitement. Fetish definition helps us understand that a fetish is a sexual excitement in response to an object or a body part. Fetish definition concludes that it is a condition in which a person is sexually fixated on an object or a non-genital body part to become aroused and climax.

The term fetish is more than a hundred years old and comes from the Portuguese word ‘feitico’. Feitico simply means obsessive fascination. In today’s world, feitico has a lot of importance in the sexual world. Fetish is a fantasy, an urge, or a behavior that is sexually arousing.


To some, the fetish definition may be confusing. Then what is fetish about?  People with fetishes have an object of attraction that they fantasize about. What are these objects? What are the body parts? What turns them on? Typically, the body parts include feet. But to some, breasts, hair, palm, or other parts might be their object of attraction. Fetish is most common in men, but women have this feeling too. A person with fetish either masturbates white they hold, rub, smell, or taste the object, or ask their partner to wear it during sex. Either way, a fetish acts as an aid for sexual pleasure.

Have You Heard of Fetishize?

Nowadays, people fetishize almost everything. What does fetishize mean? Fetishize simply means an excessive or irrational obsession or devotion towards an object. You know what is a fetish, and what is fetish about. Fetishize in sex simple means an obsession or devotion towards the sexual object. The most common body part of fetishism includes feet and features such as piercing and tattoos. It also includes body size, body fluid, and hair fetish. People who like fetish often fetishize about certain objects which helps them arouse sexual desires or makes sex more pleasurable. These objects include things you wear, certain material, costumes among others.

Fetish Definition

What Does Having a Fetish Mean?

Fetish definition helps you understand what is a fetish and what is fetish about. But what does ‘having a fetish’ mean? Sexy costumes, animal costumes, role-playing, handcuffs, and such objects are a huge turn-on to many, but to some, they might not sound sexy. A sexual fetish is considered an unconventional behavior, but is it? ‘Having a fetish’ simply means having an object or a body part to arouse sexual desire. ‘Having a fetish’ is having an obsession over an object during sex. It neither harms you nor your loved one. It only gives you pleasure.

A person ‘having a fetish’ is as normal as any other person if the obsession does not turn into an irrational behavior that is uncontrollable. There is no cause for fetish, but some psychologists trace it back to a person’s childhood, even before they were aware of sex or their sexuality. A fetish is neither a disorder nor is it harmful as long as it does not cause any intense distress that is lasting. If it brings happiness and pleasure, a fetish is considered a healthy activity. While some believe fetish is a problem, to others, it is a novel means of sexual pleasure.


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