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What is a Reverse Phone Lookup?

by Garry S.

Reverse Phone Lookup, What is a Reverse Phone Lookup

What is a Reverse Phone Lookup

Have you been getting calls from a number you do not recognize? Does the number happen to be blocked? How do you find out who has been ringing your phone? The answer is simple – reverse phone lookup. Caller ID is a nifty service by itself but it isn’t able to identify numbers which have blocked Caller ID service. That is when reverse phone lookup comes handy. Reverse phone lookup allows you to get information on the person who’s been calling you, his/her location and service carrier. It can even tell if the number is a landline number or a cell phone number.

Reverse phone lookups work best for landline numbers as most cellular networks control access to their phone numbers and are not altogether keen on parting with this information. So the information you can obtain for cell phone numbers is limited.

Reverse phone lookups fall short of running a criminal background check. However, you can use the details provided to you to search more extensively online. It scans through public and private databases to find out the social profiles and contact information of the anonymous caller.

Reverse Phone Lookup

When Can you Use a Free Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse phone lookup can help you in a number of probable situations. Let’s look at a few of these –

  • You’re cleaning out your room and find a chit of paper with a phone number scrawled on it. There is no name provided. You’re curious who this number could belong to, so you go ahead and use reverse phone lookup to identify whose number it is.
  • The caller ID throws up a name you do not recognize. Reverse phone lookup at the rescue!
  • You’ve been referred to a second language tutor. You have the phone number and name but no idea as to where he/she happens to be located. Run a reverse phone lookup to find out.
  • You forgot you gave your number to somebody and now they’re texting you. You have no clue who this person is, but you don’t want to come out and say it. Use reverse phone lookup to identify the person on the other end.
  • Your husband/wife has multiple calls from the same unsaved number on their Call log. Want to know who your spouse has been talking to so much? All you need to do is run reverse phone lookup.

How to Track a Phone Number?

The two most common ways for you to operate reverse phone lookup are – to search the unknown number via a search engine and to use the numerous reverse phone lookup services available online. Free reverse phone lookup services only offer basic information on the number you’ve looked up. You need to sign up for the paid service in order to receive more in-depth information.

Google Play store also contains several reverse phone lookup apps for your convenience. It is best you pay to utilize their full range of services as the unpaid service is usually of very poor quality and leaves you with more questions than answers.,, and are three of the largest websites available online for reverse phone lookup.

 free phone number lookup


Free reverse phone lookup apps often only provide the search user with the location of the phone number they’ve been getting calls from using the area code and prefix provided in the number itself. There is little value in knowing this and does not tell you who’s been calling.

Effective reverse phone lookup apps employ information from social media and web, crowdsourced data and public databases to give you a full picture of the person who’s been dialing you up. They also let you block the number if you so wish.

So, the next time you’re confused who’s been blowing up your phone – run a reverse phone lookup and find all the dirt on this caller.

Find out who is really calling and texting you with a quick reverse phone lookup!


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