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What is Adwords for Advertisers: Adwords Overview!

by Niv S.

What is Adwords, Adwords, How Does Adwords Work

What is AdWords? Adwords for Advertisers! 

An advertising system from Google, Google AdWords enables advertisers to bid on specific keywords so that their clickable advertisements can appear in the search results of Google. As advertisers need to pay for such clicks, it is precisely how money is earned by Google from such searches. The article will assist you in understanding the way AdWords functions if you are new to it.

Based on how competitive those keywords are, which you are bidding for, as well as the applicability the keyword to actual conversions for your business, the system may either work or not click for your company. However, in many cases, it has been found that AdWords has been quite effective for several types of businesses, especially when these companies have not wasted their resources on incorrect keywords or write low and weak CTR advertisements.

AdWords keywords

These are the phrases and the words that the advertisers need to bid with the anticipation that their ads will appear on the SERP or the search engine results page when users search for such services and products online. The process of using data and tool to ascertain the keyword that has the highest possibility of driving pertinent traffic to your website and advertisements is called Keyword research.

what is adwords

AdWords – Basic principles

When you choose some keywords which a searcher could be looking for on Google, develop an ad that will get displayed on the Search Engine Result Pages on the basis of such keywords.

In case you have a desire to see your advertisement get displayed in the result pages, you need to bid against all such marketers for how much will you pay to Google AdWords whenever any online searcher clicks on your advertisement.

It should be obvious that when you pay more for the PPC or pay-per-click, there is a greater likelihood of your advertisement appearing in the SERP. Did you know that Google uses something known as a ‘quality score’ too?

The search engine tries to figure out how useful and relevant your advertisement is to a searcher, as well as, the search terms used by them. Google also finds out the number of clicks received by your advertisement previously, which is also referred to as its CTR or click-through rate and the applicability of your landing page.

For example, when the searcher keys in something like 'Adidas Men's Running Shoes,' and your advertisement says ‘buy Adidas Men's Running Shoes here,’ the searcher should be taken directly to the page that features Adidas Men's Running Shoes once the advertisement is clicked. However, if the searcher is simply taken to the generic homepage, the effect is obviously not good.

When your quality is score is higher, it is better. Also, if your rival bidder’s bid is more than your highest bid, it is still possible to feature above their advertisement, provided you have a higher quality score.

What is bidding in context to AdWords?

Google AdWords needs to be paid every time a searcher clicks on your advertisement. The price one is ready to pay for every click is referred to as CPC or cost-per-click.

It is also possible to choose the highest bid amount. Plus, when you select the automatic option, a bid amount within your budget is chosen for you by Google. It can theoretically enable you to get the maximum possible clicks within that budget.  

Another option albeit less common is known as CPM or cost-per-impression. It is where one needs to pay the search engine Google for every one thousand times your advertisement is displayed on its Search Engine Result Pages. However, the user need not have to click-through. Either of the above techniques can be chosen by a user.


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