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Discover Amazon Fire Stick and its Features!

by Peggy B.

Amazon Fire Stick, What is Amazon Fire Stick

What is the Amazon Fire Stick?

Amazon Fire Stick is the latest device developed by Amazon. The Fire Stick resembles that of small remote control. This device enables you to access your favorite TV programs, movies, music, photos, and games through the internet to a high definition TV. The Fire is Stick acts as a storage device wherein you can save all your favorite TV programs. The Fire Stick enabled with Bluetooth remote is a portable device that can be easily carried anyplace.

How Does Amazon Fire Stick Work?

The Fire Stick is required to be plugged into your HDMI TV through a USB port. Later, you need to follow steps and make the required changes in your settings menu. Moreover, access to Amazon account will be an added advantage in watching  Bollywood/Hollywood series, movie flicks, comic, and kids programs too.

Amazon Fire Stick

The Fire Stick is a storehouse for all your favorite programs. Active Amazon account holder can reap the benefits of unlimited streaming for audio, videos, latest movies, and web series. Additionally, Amazon Cloud service enables you to preview your pictures in HD quality.

You will be also familiar by using the newest apps and games through Amazon Fire Stick. For instance, you can browse through HBO, YouTube, Netflix, and watch the latest videos uploaded. Sports, travel and other services can be availed at minimalistic costs. The unique advantage of using this device is you can watch the programs you prefer to watch at your convenience.

What is Amazon Fire Stick

Why You Need Amazon Fire Stick?

With Amazon Fire Stick, you have the freedom to see anytime, anywhere unlimited shows of your choice. You need not scroll through thousands of programs, the device offers a list of TV shows or movies to be watched according to your previous views. The device is inbuilt with ASAP technology(Advanced Streaming and Prediction).

Furthermore, Amazon’s Alexa simplifies your work even more. Yes, this is possible with a voice command to Alexa. Press the black button on the device and hold the Fire Stick close to your mouth; command whatever you want to watch. Else, you can download the free Fire TV Remote app on your phone, wherein your phone will transmit your choice to the Fire Stick through voice command.

How Amazon Fire Stick Works

What Are The Benefits With Amazon Fire Stick?

Some individuals do not wish to skip their favorite TV shows even when they are on vacation. The Amazon Fire Stick helps you to overcome this problem. The Fire Stick stocks all of your favorite shows and is very handy to fit into your travel bag. Just plug out your device and take it with you on your vacation. Plug it into any standard TV set and enjoy all of your favorite videos without a hassle.

Amazon Prime membership will be topping on the cake since your account will be instantly linked with Fire TV Stick. Within no time you will be able to access to all of your Amazon Prime shows as soon as Fire TV Stick makes the room into your HDMI port. Moreover, with Amazon Prime membership, exclusive original series can also be easily accessed.


When you order for a new Firestick, the box will include new Fire TV Stick, the remote, a USB cable and power adapter, HDMI extender, 2 AAA batteries, and a user guide. In addition, the Fire Stick is loaded with the following features too:

  • 1 GB of memory
  • 8 GB of internal storage
  • Optional voice support
  • Dual-band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi
  • A dedicated VideoCore4 GPU

The Amazon Fire Stick is a simple, easy to use, and budget-friendly gadget. This device is capable of streaming popular TV shows which is inaccessible to normal users. The Amazon Fire Stick also ensures to provide high definition picture quality. In India, Amazon Fire Stick 4K costs around Rs 3,000 to Rs.6000.

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