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What is Amazon Fire Stick?

by Garry S.

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What is Amazon Fire Stick?

Amazon Fire Stick is one of the many home entertainment systems available in the market today. Home entertainment systems are a new brand of digital technology that allows users to connect their various screens and televisions to the internet or AI based home assistance devices such as Alexa. Users can now use these home entertainment systems to connect screens and TVs to the internet and stream or browse at their leisure.

Amazon’s Fire Stick is a portable entertainment system which connects via the HDMI port. It not only gives access to TV series and movies but all kinds of media of the user’s choice such as music, photo galleries, video games and other kinds of subscription-based services. Users can now carry their favorite media content anywhere and simply plug it in at a convenient TV screen and enjoy the services.

Users who are members of the Amazon Prime service receive their Fire Sticks with their accounts pre-registered and connected to the device which gives them instant access to all the Amazon Prime services and streaming features along with their saved preferences and content. The Amazon Prime members also have access to a lot of unique content that non-members do not get access to with their Fire Sticks.  


Using the Amazon Fire Stick

There are certain things that the users of the Fire Stick must ensure before they can start using their Fire Sticks. All users are provided with certain accessories along with their Fire Sticks which include the remote controller, a USB cable, the power adapter, HDMI extension, 2 AAA batteries, and user manual. The Fire Stick comes with the following specifications- 8 GB of internal storage, 1 GB of memory, voice support functions, dual band and dual antennae Wi-Fi and a VideoCore4 GPU.


The Amazon is a direct competitor to other streaming services such as the Chromecast. The Fire Stick is simply plugged into the HDMI port of the television and it automatically connects to the available Wi-Fi connection. The Fire Stick is operated using the Bluetooth remote controller and the setup process begins on the screen which requires the users to log into their Amazon accounts.

All the music, movies, videos, and other subscription-based media that have been purchased by the users are available immediately. The users also have access to Amazon’s cloud-based services. Users also have access to a plethora of games and additional apps which can be sued from their television screens. Some of the various apps include Netflix, Youtube, HBO Now, ESPN and Hulu.\

These services are made available to the users at an additional cost. One of the main advantages of the Fire Stick is that users can pick and choose the various services and channels they wish to access, unlike cable services where a pre-selected group of features that are tied in a bunch.

Amazon Fire Stick

Certain things to remember while using the Amazon Fire Stick are-

  • Compared the Fire TV, the Fire Stick is a much cheaper option and is also considerably smaller and sleeker in design.
  • Users who are interested in gaming using the Fire Stick must own a controller which has to be ordered from the Amazon website. Unlike the Fire TV, the Fire Stick does not have any provisions for memory expansion and neither does it have ports for Ethernet and microSD slot.

The Fire Stick is not only a streaming device but it also has the capability to learn from the user’s preferences and offers suggestions for relevant content and services. The Amazon Fire Stick makes watching TV an immersive and seamless experience wherever their users travel.

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