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Anger Management Explained in Full

by Keren P.

Anger Management, What is Anger Management

Anger Management: What is Anger Management?

Anger is an emotion that every human experiencing regularly in their lives. It is described as an unpleasant feeling rising from a situation where one feels that they have been wronged, hurt, have had their power taken away, been mistreated or face obstacles that they cannot overcome to reach their goals. Experiencing anger is different for different people – some people get angrier more often than others, and the duration of the emotional response also differs between people. 

While many people live through differing degrees of anger almost every day, some people can find themselves being controlled by their anger instead of the other way around. The feeling of anger can be educative or destructive. It is primarily when anger gets in the way of an individual’s or other peoples’ health and is detrimental to interpersonal relationships that anger management is recommended.

A person who is unable to control their anger can find that they have pushed their near and dear ones away, they may lose their job because of aggression at the workplace and eventually find themselves in a situation where they are isolated.

Anger Management

The biggest problem with anger is that the more the situation is allowed to grow uncontrolled, the more the problems will intensify, as well as the subsequent aggression in response to the situation. It is for situations where anger has taken over an individual’s life that anger management is recommended.

  • Anger management involves therapy designed to assist an individual in deploying their anger in a constructive way. The root behind why the individual is unable to control their anger is first assessed, and then they are made aware of their issues and provided with effective coping strategies that can help them in leading happy, meaningful lives.
  • There are various factors that lead to uncontrollable anger in people. It can stem from drug use, alcoholism, changes within a person’s biochemistry, mental health issues, PTSD and much more. Sustained stress and anxiety can also lead to higher levels of aggression. What makes a person react in a way that is ultimately detrimental to their well being can best be assessed by trained mental health professionals.
  • The therapist can teach the individual relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, the use of imagery that can replace negative thoughts with positive ones as well as myriad other techniques depending on the causative factors that have led to higher aggression levels within the person.
What is Anger Management
  • One form of therapy that is often used in anger management is cognitive behavioral therapy. Using this technique, the individual is asked to open up about their feelings and experiences and subsequently guided towards rationalizing their thought patterns. CBT is a technique where the individual is motivated towards controlling their anger towards an end where they feel in control of their anger and subsequently, their lives.
  • There is a possibility that the therapist can recommend medication in situations where they feel that the individual requires a combination of both therapy and medicine to successfully control anger. Medications that can be recommended include anti-depressants, antipsychotics, beta-blockers, etc. These medications may not have a direct hand in controlling anger, but rather support a calming feeling that helps the individual in controlling their anger.
  • All age groups can suffer from aggression problems – from children to people living in their twilight years. For children and the youth, life skills education becomes a part of their therapy. Anger management in youths is considered preventative in helping them to later lead productive lives.

Ultimately, the success of anger management treatment is largely dependent on the individual’s motivation towards overcoming their obstacles. Someone that wants to overcome issues relating to aggression can work towards regaining control over their lives and successfully overcome their hurdles to achieve personal happiness.

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