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What is AOL? Overview of America Online!

by Ciara C.

What is AOL, What is America Online, Who is AOL

Who Is Aol And How Did It Get Started?

America Online initially started as an online service to download content for the Atari gaming console. They quickly attained user base by marketing products that were created for the public and not just for the tech professionals. Dominated by their Internet-based solutions for home users. The main products that America Online provided were content that included information, news and blogging websites like The Huffington Post, Tech Crunch, Engadget, Cambo and more. Advertisements that displayed various advertisements for different businesses like, ADTECH, 5 min media, etc. Internet services like the

Dial-up Internet services, AOL mail and AOL Instant Messenger.

what is aol

How it all started.

It was one of the most popular internet service providers during the 1980s to early 2000s.

In the late 1970s, the internet was something that the general public couldn't think of having any access to. It was an outrageous idea to have internet service for the public, at a time when the network of the internet was only provided to scientists and tech professionals. Modems were exorbitantly expensive and had pricey accessories as well.  It was on May 24th 1985, when the company that is now called America Online came into existence. They progressed a lot in the next couple of years, so we will see how AOL became the biggest Internet Service provider through a timeline.

1. In 1983-’86

Steve Case, a college graduate started working at Control Video that sold a game downloading service for the Atari video game console. The company collapsed and was eventually reorganised as Quantum Computer Services. Steve Case nurtured Quantum and created an online bulletin board for people who owned a Commodore 64 computer. He increased the number of users from a few thousand members to more than a 100,000. It offered an online service called, Q-Link. Three years later, it launched PC-link and partnered with AppleLink, a pe-Internet online service.

2. In 1989

Apple and Quantum ended their partnership. Quantum launched its first instant messenger program. In 1989, Quantum was renamed America Online.

3. Between 1992-’93

The company went public under the CEO Steve Case, in 1992. America Online introduced its own email address for DOS and Windows version. The company started offering internet services to the public and dial-up internet access in 1993.

4. In 1997

AOL had a surge of users from 200,000 subscribers to an increasing number. They acquired CompuServe and collected their database. AOL further acquired Netscape the next year. By this time, they had over a million customers. They started charging their customers on a monthly basis rather than an hourly basis, which resulted in more customers. The AOL modems could not handle the amount of traffic that it was creating, but it continued to grow.

Who is AOL

5. In the 2000s

America Online went on to become the largest Internet provider in 2000. The company was worth a 125 Billion US Dollars. AOL merged with Time Warner and predicted to grow to 33% in the next year, which was an unrealistic prediction because by 2002 the growth of customers had come to a stall and its ad revenue fell. Both AOL and Time Warner had very different company cultures that did not get along well. The growth of broadband internet derails the growth of AOL service. They started losing almost all their customers. Their stocks decreased from $226 billion to $20 billion in 2001. CEO Steve Case gets replaced by Jonathan Miller. After which there's a series of different CEOs and by 2015 Verizon buys AOL for $4.4 Billion in cash.

America Online has had tremendous success and failures. With the acquisition, we’re sure to hear more about AOL in the future.

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