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What is AI? Everything you need to know about Artificial Intelligence

by Maria S.

What is AI, What is Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence - What is it and How it Helps Us

Plenty of Hollywood movies described an imaginary future where robots that act like humans start getting out of control and try to take over the world. While taking over the world part is a bit exaggerated; machines that have human-like intelligence are not that far off reality. AI – Artificial Intelligence, is a major part of the future and here is a closer look at this unique world and the way it will influence all our lives.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

When asked to define AI, the most accurate definition is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. AI is mainly used in computer systems, and their goal is to learn information, reasoning, and self-correction. There are two main types of AI – strong AI and weak AI; strong AI (aka artificial general intelligence) is a computerized system with generalized human cognitive abilities. An AI system like this can find a solution to a problem without any human involvement.

A weak AI system (aka narrow AI) is a system that is designed to perform a particular task. A great example of such a system in Apple's Siri, which answers queries based on predetermined parameters, rather than searching for a solution independently.

What is AI

Why Do We Need AI?

The main purpose of Artificial Intelligence is to improve services that we all use daily and make them more efficient. Computerized AI systems are used in facial recognition on our phones; they learn our shopping habits to help us find the best deals for us; they help detect online fraud, and make life easier.

The machine learning process of AI systems is what improves them as the years go by. How can machines learn? The method used to get machines to learn and evolve is to feed them as much data as they can handle. Once the data is entered into AI systems, they can learn how to carry out tasks, respond to their environment and understand and interact with their surroundings.

What is Artificial Intelligence

AI Machine Learning

For AI systems to be able to learn from the data that is entered into them, they must have the ability to learn and process information. We, humans, have a brain filled with neurons that process data and AI systems have a neural network. These networks are made up of layers of algorithms that interconnect with one another, and they are called neurons.

AI neurons exchange data between themselves and they can learn how to perform tasks as the input passes between the layers of neurons. As part of the learning process, inputs that get fed into AI systems get a ranking based on their importance. As time goes by, the ranking of tasks translates to the performance of tasks, and that is why these systems are referred to as 'intelligent.'

Artificial Intelligence

To make AI systems perform the tasks, they need to perform; different neuron networks are programmed with each having their unique strength. The development and research of deep learning is the main drive in developing AI systems. Thanks to easy access to data, researches from all over the world can develop AI systems that receive massive amounts of information and process it.

The technology evolution has also made it possible to build AI machines thanks to smart chips that carry out different orders. Google uses such chips for its Google Brain system that translate data into services we all benefit from.

Artificial intelligence is a lot more than smart robots that do our bidding. These systems are used in technologies that we all need, and they are the wave of the future. Thanks to machine learning systems and AI's, we will be able to receive the best services possible and make our lives even easier than they are today.


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