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Bing Search Engine: What is is and How to Use it!

by Rick J.

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What is Bing Search Engine?

Bing search engine was developed by Microsoft and launched in 2009. Microsoft replaced Windows Live search with Bing. It was launched to compete with the top search engines like Google and Yahoo. Bing was designed to display more information in the search engine results page compared to other search engines. Microsoft called it a “decision engine” as it displays information which helps users to make a quick decision on which link to follow. Bing uses Microsoft’s search algorithm, which helps it to display relevant results. The results can include pictures, videos, and articles related to the keywords entered.

In 2009, Microsoft and Yahoo reached an agreement, which allowed Yahoo to power its search feature on the Yahoo portal with Bing.

Microsoft worked on differentiating Bing from other search engines like Yahoo and Google. The homepage has either a background image or a video unlike its competition, which has a white background. The background image is updated every day and interested users can click on the background image to know details about the image. The background images are beautiful and educational. Previous days’ images are displayed at the bottom of the page and one can view and share them. Bing is more visually appealing compared to Google or Yahoo as it uses a lot of images to showcase trending news and events from around the world. Users can customize the news feeds they see on the homepage based on their preferences. Some of the main features of Bing are listed below.


Historical events

At the bottom of Bing’s home page, there’s a section displaying historical events that happened on that particular day. This makes the search engine’s home page quite interesting. Clicking on each historical event will display a list of articles, which have information related to the event. Bing also displays related searches and the user's search history on the left-hand side of the page. Bing homepage displays news, weather, maps, Microsoft’s online Office suite, etc.

Rewards and prediction

Microsoft rewards Bing users with points. These points can be earned by using Bing search, taking part in online quizzes and using Microsoft Edge browser. The users can redeem the points for Microsoft products or at other online and offline stores.

Bing even predicts the results of an election, sports or awards. It uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to come up with the data.

Internet speed

One can easily test their internet speed at Bing homepage. Typing "speed test" in the search bar displays internet speed test option right below the search bar and eliminates the need to open a website to check internet speed.

Maps and translation

Bings have maps functionality and one can use the maps just like Google maps to get directions, traffic details, check bird’s eye view, satellite view, etc. Bing is also available in app format for Android and iOS platforms. It’s similar to the desktop version and it has a voice-enabled search feature, which makes it convenient to search while using a mobile phone. Bing can also translate content into more than 60 languages. It can even translate an entire website.

Bing Com

Local information and image search

Information on the local shops and restaurants can be found on Bing. It displays the working hours, the establishment’s location on maps, contact number, ratings, etc. Bing’s image search is quite powerful. One can find the trending pictures and can choose their preferred topics, such as, travel, nature, animals, science and so on. Images can be filtered based on many parameters like color, size, orientation, etc. A user can also choose to see only the images with people in them.

Detailed results

Bing has a cool feature which enables a user to get the lyrics of any song right on the home screen without having to navigate to another website. Searches related to any events show detailed results on the home page itself. For example, if one searches for Wimbledon, it displays all the results in the homepage. It shows similar results related to any major events.


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