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What is BirchBox! Overview of BirchBox!

by Kylie V.

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What is Birchbox? We Reviewed BirchBox


In their first meeting, both Hayley and Katia, the two founders of Birchbox had completely different perspectives to beauty. While Katia was an expert judge, Hayley was convinced of being totally inexperienced. However, both of them agreed on a single point. They felt that shopping for products could be baffling, inefficient, and quite frustrating. It is so cumbersome for customers to navigate through a huge variety of choices. With the increasing expansion of the online market on the Internet, it was so tough for them to try out products prior to purchasing them.

what is birchbox

That is how Birchbox’s birth took place as a result of a brainchild of these two persons who were in love with the Internet and had a strong desire to come up with an enhanced means to shop for one’s preferred beauty products.

Hayley and Katia had a special vision for customers to efficiently and easily learn about, try out and buy beauty products on the net. The founders combined the idea of delivering personalized samples on a monthly basis with an exciting e-commerce store and an original editorial. The outcome of their endeavor was fun, efficiency, and great ease in the form of monthly delivery of the samples of select beauty products to their subscribers.

What is the BirchBox service all about?

To cut it short, the idea behind coming up with Birchbox was to enable their customers to sample select beauty products such as skin care and hair items, makeup items, and other related items via a goodie box delivered on a monthly basis. The same customers are encouraged thereafter to make online purchases of the full-sized beauty products.

The first Birchboxes were shipped in September 2010, and it was then realized by the founders that even men need help in their shopping. The result was the launch of BirchboxMan in April 2012 to deliver lifestyle and grooming products to men. This monthly and online subscription service has its headquarter in New York City and also has operations in other countries such as Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain, and France.

The company sends a box of 4-5 chosen samples of hair/makeup/other beauty related items to its subscribers on a monthly basis. Thus, subscribers can try out a personalized goodie box constituting samples of fragrance, skincare, hair, and makeup for only 10 USD every month.

The subscription process is a pretty simple and straightforward one. You need to fill up your profiles mentioning your beauty preferences. After that, five beauty treats will be delivered to your doorsteps every month. You can explore your new favorite and make up your mind. Finally, purchase based on your preferences.

Birchbox mobile app: An overview! 

The company has also come up with its own mobile app so that you can have access to the site anytime and on-the-go. Check out some of them:

·       You can keep shopping for the full-size versions of the samples sent

·       View your complete box history in a single location

·       Find out personalized recommendations

In the month of September 2015, the company had more than 300 employees and one million subscribers. Birchbox also has over eight hundred brand partners. The incentives for subscribers of Birchbox is that they can select to buy the full-sized item for the sample they have started becoming fond of from its website afterward. In 2016, approximately 50 percent of its subscribers went ahead and made full-size purchases.

The next year (2017) saw this subscription beauty service provider introducing a pricier and new tier to its bouquet of service. The new tier offered a choice to the customers o opt for improved customization of the monthly goodie box along with some other benefits. The service was then offered only to their existing subscribers.


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