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Cloud What is a Cloud Service and How to It Can Help You!

by Rick S.

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What is the “Cloud” and how does the Cloud Work?

If you are uninitiated to the concepts of Cloud but wish to take up cloud engineering as a career or an executive who have a desire to pick up more idea about the industry, check out the fundamentals of cloud computing in this article. In fact, cloud computing is a vast topic and has been evolving continuously.

Although you might have just started to get familiar with cloud computing and is technology, the concept has always grabbed headlines. The discussion below will appraise you about this immensely popular technology while will also enlighten you on why it is such a hot topic of conversation, especially in today’s tech-driven society.

Also, you can develop a fair idea of what to expect from cloud computing in the future.

Understanding cloud computing

At times, cloud computing is also known as “the cloud”. In fact, it is a technique for both organizations, as well as, individuals for accessing their digital resources on the net. Usually, cloud computing services are offered by a 3rd party in the form of a software service. Alternatively, it is also developed in-house at times through ad hoc software and Do-IT-Yourself techniques.

The aim of cloud computing is to either reduce or do away with the requirement of software and/or hardware on the site. For instance, when an individual purchases a backup service for his/her hard drive backup that is based on cloud computing, they can transfer their files via the net connection in order to store them on servers that are physically set up in another country or another location. Ideally, these files are stored in more than one site and provide added data redundancy and security, which is not possible otherwise with the regular hardware solutions.

The technology has the necessary potential to enhance the available resources considerably as some people like to address it as a kind of IT outsourcing. In fact, the outsourcing concept is quite common as far as the customer service sector is concerned as organizations are known to outsource the responsibilities of their call center to customer service representatives in some other places, especially when they are not successful in tracking appropriate agents locally.

Likewise, when you do not have your desired software application or the server on the site is not powerful enough to meet the requirements of your organizations, the chances are high that the cloud computing technology will fill that gap.

Google Cloud
Know how cloud storage works

Cloud storage needs Internet connectivity and functions by allowing the users to access, as well as, enables them to download their data on any selected device like a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Users of cloud storage are permitted to edit their documents at the same time when other users are also working on those files. Thus, cloud storage makes it simpler to work remotely from the workplaces.

Based on particular requirements, prices may be different for the cloud storage. In fact, you may need to even pay charges for extra storage or based on the services you want to use.

Other reasons for using cloud computing

Some other prominent cloud computing services are cloud servers and hosting provided by organizations like Rackspace among others. 

Know how cloud computing functions

In order to understand how a cloud computing solution works, it is imperative to note that there are two distinct parts – the backend and the frontend. Ideally, a network such as the Internet connects these two sections.

While the front end application is the part that is directly accessed by the clients or the computer users, the back end is nothing but the system’s ‘cloud section’ or the remote servers that store your data.


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