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What is a Contract Lawyer?

by Mona S.

What is a Contract Lawyer, What Does a Contract Lawyer Do

Contract Lawyers and Their Job

While dealing with issues, and more particularly, legal issues, some businesses take the adventurous route. That is, they try to tackle the problems themselves. But not all are successful in their efforts. On the other hand, there are companies that prefer to take the help of legal professionals, lawyers, or attorneys. Even among these businesses, there are some that seek the help of contract lawyers. But who is a contract lawyer? Let us find out.

A Contract Lawyer

A contract lawyer, like other attorneys, is a legal professional, but he or she is hired on a contract basis and on the basis of needs, by companies, law firms, or agencies that offer legal services to businesses or individuals. Let us first find out what a contract means.

What Does a Contract Mean?

A contract is nothing but an agreement between two parties or among a number of parties but it is legally enforceable. Thanks to its legal weight, a contract is usually in writing. But oral contracts are also legally enforceable. A contract can be construed to be legal only if parties to it enter into it voluntarily and not under any duress. If either of the parties of a contract fails to fulfill the terms stipulated in the agreement, they are breaching the contract.

What is a Contract Lawyer

Let Us Now Find Out Who is a Contract Lawyer

Most of us may have heard of contract employees. In fact, the concept of "contract employment" is more popular in the present-day context than ever. Just as contract employees are working for businesses, contract lawyers will also be working with businesses. In fact, contract lawyers seem to pervade all aspects of the legal realm and act as pillars that ensure to provide steadiness and stability to law firms. That is the reason law firms hire contract attorneys on the basis of their needs for taking on contract-related issues and jobs so the associates of the firms can attend to other tasks.

How Did the Concept of "Contract Attorneys" Evolve?

When the commercial world expanded thanks to the increase in the number of business entities, there was a necessity for parties to enter into a number of contracts. At the time of entering into contracts, parties had to seek the help of attorneys for doing due diligence and for handling the litigation processes. This again led to an increase in demand for contract attorneys.

What Does a Contract Lawyer Do
As in the case of many other industries, the legal realm and the industry have also were making suitable changes for adapting to new regulations and developments. Law firms found out that if they hired contract lawyers based on their needs, they could keep their costs under control and at the same time, protect the other areas of their work. In short, the concept of contract lawyers is helping law firms in rendering high-quality services to their clients at affordable costs.

Backgrounds of Contract Lawyers

The backgrounds of contract lawyers are varied. Some of them are in transition, a few others look for additional work, yet a few others choose the concept for having more flexibility in their work and there are lawyers who have relocated to new places. Even among these contract attorneys, there are some who work for agencies that offer a wide variety of legal services for their clients. A sizable number of these lawyers work in-house in the legal departments of companies. Others work for law firms.

Contract lawyers are also known as non-partner track lawyers, staff attorneys, consultants, document review lawyers, and litigation support lawyers. These attorneys have the responsibility of drafting, revising, and re-drafting legal documents and contracts. Most of these contract lawyers perform the same duties as in-house associates and counsels of law firms. They can assist in compliance and regulatory requirements, transactions pertaining to real estate purchases and sales, reviewing, and revising employee manuals, handling labor issues and employment-related problems, supporting the litigation teams, handling merger and acquisition-related processes, issues pertaining to intellectual property, drafting contracts, and settlements, and preparation of annual reports and documents.


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